Identifying the Problem…and finding the Solution

Identifying the Problem…and finding the Solution

41Ypdk6iCfL__SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Lately there has been quite an uproar with various special interest groups – as well as the LGBT community regarding same-sex marriage; however, one must hat-tip their community insofar as comprehensive immigration reform has lead the way of public opinion second only to the economy and employment in the United States.

Whereas illegal immigrants are demanding something that clearly does not belong to them – all sorts of sundry rights and the entitlements they expect to receive handled on a completely different behavioral platform – who knows, one just may convince a judge to overturn what voters otherwise established.


America has their problem that’s for sure. However, in leadership training or just about any management training organization will inevitably come to the conclusion that the entire purpose of leaders – albeit, at a local level, state level, or national level is to identify the problem and then work toward finding a solution by consensus that will end the problem, or at the very least, alleviate some of the problems associated with it.

Not to be a sorry sport or anything of the like, America does have its problems with local, civic, state, and especially the federal level of government. Right here and right now I would encourage everyone who reads this article to think back six to seven years ago when the then Democratic nominee for President told the American people just about anything they liked or wanted to hear. This is a red flag when evaluating how a person is going to follow in the footsteps of the “greats.”

As a mild-mannered male that resides part of his time in America, furthermore, an individual who feels that education is not a loss of funds — first and foremost we have got to identify what some of the more important problems are and why they are not being duly solved.

Any person who would suggest that Barack Obama has a leg to stand on with his remarks of, “I haven’t had a Congress to work with…” Now from the first onset of Obama’s first term in office I stand stalwart on the notion that the exact opposite was really happening. Congress (both Houses) were willing to work with Obama on an overall set of laws; moreover, several senators began sending him letters about what was happening with illegal immigrants and although Nancy Pelosi D-CA was around, she did not assist any House leadership with meetings and/or significant assistance in the aisles so to speak.

At any and all rates then, Obama never consulted Congress on anything regarding immigration reform. Individuals from the House and Senate weekly tried to grab the president’s ear, but no! He simply would not have it.

DHSIn essence for three years of his first term President Obama did nothing as far as immigration reform. It was not until his fourth year in office with a huge election coming in 2012 did this “problem solver” begin to do anything about illegal immigrants and immigration reform. Work with me here people! This is the gospel truth as any document tagged or categorized “anything immigration” will clearly illuminate what the record is really — Obama’s use and abuse of executive orders!

I am one who truly believes that President Obama feels that consensus — is something never to be achieved; consensus is something to him that shows weakness for why, I can only say it’s his ridiculous way of putting blame on to someone else for his own problems. Now then, we should ALL be familiar with these postures: “The previous BUSH administration left it for us…or, “I can’t get Congress to work with me…” So in reality let’s look at the former cadre of our own armed forces — having been fired or placed into forced retirement, or better than all combined.

Have a look-see at General David Petraeus who after a heroic military career didn’t last but six or so months in the Obama administration as Director, CIA. This alone shows that for what Gen. Petraeus allegedly did, we have another Democratic nominee hoping to step in for doing worse than the general ever conceived of doing. She goes by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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