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Who or what else can openly admit that just about everything they have endeavored to do comes up either a complete and total catastrophe or wishing they had not come into that “business” anyway? I think we all can realize where I am coming from with this loaded, proof beyond reproach article. Let’s just take a look at some of the tiniest known dysfunctions know to this “company.” Ready? Great!

If anyone wishes to take a look at some of the other articles that I, or a contributor to The Contemplative Thinker have written, search terms such as “food pyramids” “upside down eating advice” should get you to another piece that any one of us could have contributed over the years.

By just listening to some colleagues today I would like to demonstrate that how, by influence the US government again over the recent years have committed egregious crimes against various members of the food and beverage industries. Just throwing out a phony percentage on fat, or calories from fat, of the first part just about has ruined the red meat eating portion of our American population. Please! I implore any reader to ask anyone they know who does not eat red meat to give an explanation as to why they do not.

cows and milk“Oh I don’t know, it is bad for you,” appears at this time as to why people have changed their diets or eating habits. Continuing on, I press on toward “okay good, what is it in red meat that’s bad for you?” This is where I start receiving some blank stares; moreover, communication (verbally) begins to slow down. Anyone, even a fool could come up with something as prosperous as red meat carries more fat. “Good, was that all red meat?” It is as easy as a quick trim or remember that old-fashioned profession called being a “butcher?” When I was a little younger I used to whisper my order at the nearest take-away or to-go food outlet. I mean we should not feel guilty about what we eat.

But then again, every, every single time I drive past a particular scent — normally that ofmoms apple pie hot, heavily cooked potatoes — which in some countries is the National Food, meaning Fries, Chips or fried potatoes this is when I think of Australia, England, and certainly McDonald’s or Burger King. But why the bad rap on the potato industry?

And for the most part it’s everything gang, from red meat to hamburger, fries or chips, now — the starting of 2% and skim milk is getting the worst end of the controversy that whole percentage milk is far better for one’s health than 2% or skim milk and whole milk helps in advanced aging.

Again for those who missed it earlier: Red meat, some pork, a lot of seafood’s, potatoes, images (13)milk, soda’s, egg products, as well as Gatorade and other needed supplements’ are now or again under the catch list. One could logically inquire, “Why aren’t these things tested before they are: Advertised, smoking with sizzling sounds coming from the television, and so much success and wealth are attributed to them that one feels like they are the mystery substance.”


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