Political correctness — How does the actions of Planned Parenthood fill in?

Landowner charged over killing of Cecil the lion

CC15OlA Zimbabwean landowner has been charged with illegally allowing a Minnesota dentist to hunt and kill Cecil the lion last month. Already this near catastrophic event has caused more problems then…Zimbabwean landowner, illegally allowing a Minnesota dentist, hunt and kill Cecil the lion last month.

Honest Ndlovu, who was arrested earlier this month, posted $200 bail Tuesday and is due back in court Sept. 18. He did not enter a plea to allowing “a person who is not ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe to hunt the said animal which was not on the hunting quota,” Reuters reported.

Ndlovu is accused of letting guides lure 13-year-old Cecil from the protected Hwange National Park onto his property, Antoinette Farm. There, using a bow and arrow, Walter Palmer shot and wounded the rare, black-maned lion outfitted with a tracking collar by Oxford University researchers. Palmer and his guides pursued Cecil for nearly two days before finishing him off with a rifle.

Well for certain there doesn’t appear to be much “gamespersonship” involved in Palmer shooting and killing Cecil the lion. Seriously this man paid $55,000 for the luring Cecil to the right place. As for me it must have been an agreement between Oxford University and Palmer regarding the bow and arrow that carried the tracking collar that Cecil wore.

No charges have been filed against Palmer, 55, who paid $55,000 for the hunt. He temporarily closed his dental practice went into hiding after being vilified worldwide for killing the popular Cecil.

The Zimbabwean government has asked U.S. officials to extradite Palmer to face charges. The Associated Press reported that the National Prosecuting Authority said Tuesday that police had not supplied the necessary documents.

One of Palmer’s guides, professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst, faces trial Sept. 28 for failure to prevent an illegal hunt.

Okay now to it — we have within our Nation an organization that sells body parts of unborn children — post abortion or even during a procedure. Admittedly I do not know the age expectancy of a lion such as Cecil; yet, he did have some enjoyable life that he lived, which is so much more that we can say about what Planned Parenthood is doing.

Following the global outcry, Zimbabwe placed strict restrictions on big-game hunting, but AFP reports that most were lifted last week.
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