President Obama’s reckless immigration policies

thinker 14The FBI failed to stop another terror attack, this time in Chattanooga, and the pressure building on the bureau from President Obama’s reckless immigration policies may be reaching a boiling point, say security experts.

And the problem goes far beyond a loose border, where some 400,000 illegal aliens enter each year. It’s also the ease with which someone from a hostile Middle Eastern country can get a visa.

Under current U.S. immigration policy, an ISIS terrorist doesn’t need to hop a fence or swim a river to reach America. He can enter the U.S. legally as a student, as a skilled guest-worker, as a refugee, as an entrepreneur, or as a tourist – and fly here in the comfort of a jumbo jet.

We at The Contemplative Thinker have not been silent or whooshes’ regarding the loose, forbearing and continually getting worse — reckless disregard for visas to enter the U.S.A., which are somehow connected to the current immigration laws.

Please believe me when I explain that there was a time when it appeared as though ALL we wrote about was the tireless and mutable conditions our entire immigration policy has been. But let’s call it — what it is. Excrement, rubbish and human dung.

Every single time we thought that we were helpful even useful to our communities then all it took was some “just watch me step” from President Barack Obama just signing away any personal or particular feelings our communities had regarding what I call “Immigration/Visa Reform Issues.”

RT_isil_fighter_holding_flag_mosul_jt_140827_16x9_608We have written exhaustively about the problems inherent the entire notion of sanctuary cities, a Visa Lottery, or any other giveaway scheme that not only encourages but literally assists illegal’s, terrorists, ISIS— ISL, Russian, or members of any other nation and ideology to gain access to the U.S.

Let’s be more specific shall we? Senator Lindsey Graham is a senator, Gang of Eight

The infamous Gang of Eight

The infamous Gang of Eight

member, who would switch political affiliation if it would win him another term and this traitor is running for president? Senator Jon McCain is a waffling maniac on any matters of my communities Immigration/Visa Reform Issues. Hillary Clinton voted for the renewal of the Visa Lottery program when she was in congress; it honestly seems that Mr. Donald Trump is capitalizing on what people fear will and has happened.

But let’s not digress whatsoever — because of money and the interplay between special interest groups and politicians it seems the latter could care less about what goes on in our communities. According to U.S. Census data, the U.S. welcomes about 100,000 Muslim immigrants legally each year. This represents the fastest growing segment of immigrants coming to America. While some may enter with questionable backgrounds, the chances are greater that they will get radicalized after they arrive.

Now please consider the open and endless flow of refugees and asylum-seekers during this same time period. Angelina Jolie just delivered a prepared statement on “World Refugee Day” at a refugee camp outside of Syria in Southwest Turkey. Her visit was meant to raise awareness of the plight of refugees, the number of which has swelled to a record 60 million worldwide, according to the U.N.

Now is the time for good leadership…please no overly tolerant individuals need apply.

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