Civil disobedience, not revolution — but are the Complaints Warranted

Civil disobedience, not revolution — but are the Complaints Warranted..?

Guess who has arrived in McKinney, Texas?

Guess who has arrived in McKinney, Texas?

Please STOP what you are doing huddle up alongside your monitor or whatever device of technology you happen to be using and read this article. One of the matters that plaques main stream media the most are quite simply and very plainly what amounts to journalistic integrity. Journalistic integrity is the process by which a journalist goes through and dissects everything that is available — before commencing to write anything — or to especially form judgments that will somehow bias the case and therefore lead to rumors, fabrications, and the ugly and all encompassing gossip.

As you know I try to stay as far as possible away with stories that these events can and more often than not happen. Take Ferguson MO., for example whereby an alleged eye-witness — the person with Michael Brown during the shooting, who did happen to catch some movement from both parties involved and whilst bragadociously spewing lies and fabrications on what later proved to be out of his sight during the process. What inevitable finding did the grand juries come away with?



Thinking of Baltimore, Maryland? Pursuant to the Mr. Gray case what was really seen and orchestrated here was looking for a reason to produce some civil disobedience. I have queried myself as to the notion of “what good does it do my community — including my friendships, interactions with others, and most importantly safety, to riot in my own neighborhood?” What is it that happened in the Gray case that was the basis for rioting, burning, murder, as well as civil disobedience?

When that devil’s bullet lodged itself inside the body of Martin Luther King, he had already begun an astonishing mobilization of poor, Black, white, Latino Americans who had nothing to lose. They would challenge our government to eliminate exploitative, merciless, and war-mongering policies, nationwide, or else “tie up the country” through “means of civil disobedience.” Dr. King intended to organize those legions into “coercive direct actions” that would make of Babylon a dysfunctional behemoth begging for relief. Is it any wonder he was killed? … June Jordan (b. 1939), U.S. poet, civil rights activist. lecture, Jan. 20, 1987, Stanford University, California

This is the quintessential compliment to the law enforcement officials in Boston, MA. That before an investigation was even near completion, the law enforcement authorities decided to begin releasing information far prior then it was necessary — they did it to maintain dignity and respect for their citizenry and especially for the police departments. Without question Boston became a leader in what it is to be able to depend on leadership to get the job done — something that is sorely missed and is quite responsible for the amount of civil disobedience going on around our nation now.

Everyone with any sense about them should screen and listen to the video tape New Black Panthers arrving[] where a mature woman who has obviously has studied the video as she addresses what some teens disrespectfully did while at the same time was able to catch some of the “back talk” and body movements of Dajerria Becton the 15-year-old who was screaming “I want my Mama(s)…I want my Mama’s gun to…” Now if kids who have run disrespectfully from a “fight — fight” are told by law enforcement personnel to sit down and shut up should do precisely that; but when the children get up and start running again, ask yourself, what are they running from? At time of publishing this article she has 1.8 million hits on Face book.

I do want to say something about journalistic integrity and what unfortunately happened yesterday regarding The Washington Post. If somehow I could become editor of online communications general reporters I would make my appointment with Abby Phillip astutely, yet positive. Abby Phillip is a general assignment national reporter for the Washington Post. Of the reporting she has done up to this point I maintain that she is one of the main stream media reporters who have disregarded all means of journalistic integrity resulting in many of the gossip and rumors that have put McKinney, Texas up on high alert for rioting. All one needs to do is compare what Abby Phillip has written and alleged and place her reporting up against the woman in the video tape or any one of my own personal writings and one will easily see what I am saying.

Civil disobedience is the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, or commands of a government, or of an occupying international power. Civil disobedience is sometimes, though not always, defined as being nonviolent resistance…Mahatma Gandhi


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