So what do values, ethics, and morals mean to you?

So what do values, ethics, and morals mean to you?
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Lately I have been writing a little skewed than I do normally in my day to day course of events. As for me this has been a delightful change inasmuch as I am able to view the world and those in it, in realism. The day to day hustle and grind that it takes just to keep up with the most delinquent administration I have ever studied or seen in real life is one aspect — whilst another completely different aspect crops up out of the failure of the administration to lead is enough to exploit volumes of crimes, corruption, and things not so the “American way.”

So imagine if you will giving an insider’s view of the current Obama administration including and certainly not limited to, the IRS, nuclear Iran, who knows what about Syria, the Saudi’s, or the Sunni’s, or just what other slaughtering is in the minds of the Shiites, therefore, I wonder if anyone looks and or sees many of the situations on earth as I do — and then through some machination be able to expose those who see what they want to see or hear what they want to hear avoiding or taking to heart those issues that I write about.

What has vehemently come to me in recent days is that the very leadership of this country — the President, the former Secretary of State, Mayor’s in states, as New York whose bosses, the Governors’ of the several states, continuing on as though nothing was happening at all and soon enough, not too long in the distant future, younger generations will begin discussing our current difficulties right about before the bomb that was created — yup, on your watch — changes the order and structure of the world as we knew it.

Issue Seven: Barack Hussein Obama, in my opinion will leave no legacy that anyone would want to consider as remotely good; therefore, the man should have to live in his own squalor and grief; and the exact same with the former Secretary of State, who I would guess has some tie-in through her various and sundry charities’ and have nothing less than the IRS granting her money. I guess to sum it all up nicely, please don’t be surprised when this rubbish gets public.

As for Issue Seven: with the amount of regulations that the government places on say ordinary businesses, gasoline, ObamaCare, as well as anything you can imagine — if our government used the same law clinching tactics on some of our more irresponsible leadership as they do on attaching tax dollar subsidies, and taxpaying regulations then just maybe we could get rid of the real course of American embarrassment shown and demonstrated for us daily.

So what do values, ethics, and morals mean to you? Let’s look at these three principles from their definitions and see if, how, and when they apply to us. Starting with morals — our first definition demands that we come to a meaning of right and wrong. Morals is indeed the most looked at for this research insofar as we are looking on a mega level such as the moral issues (right v. wrong) of an entire society, where this particular behavior is able to cut within a society to various and sundry groups. However, the single most important issue behind having morals from one’s personal conscience is by the way they are to others.

Values again looks at the moral turpitude and this one I found very, very interesting — insofar as it deals with the linguistics aspect, or the literal meaning of the word. Therefore, the principles align to determine the accepted standards albeit, regarding another individual and is quite aptly the worth behind a person. For example, to value morals, standards, and ideas we would be regarding someone’s value as important and useful.

And on to ethics — ethics is the study of morality’s effect on conduct. Let’s face it — we all live by a code of morality, or a system or moral principles governing the appropriate conduct of a person or group. It is very evident that these various manners of code of morality are influx almost daily of late.

The important thing to always remember is how am I going to like this or that particular code? Our meaning here is that from a conservative perspective to blow and go from a level of decency and when it changes, and it will — it is more than critical that as a person who cares for others’ that we believe and think in such a fashion to determine the change or learn to live with it.

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