American’s Talking about War…

American’s Talking about War…

thinker 14Over the past eight to ten weeks I have turned into quite the “Sunday News Shows” holic. It really isn’t much care to the programmer’s what is being watched or who is presenting it. I have it on a reasonably valuable source that most of these types of shows are waiting for the next “Benghazi type reporting” where a talking points piece of paper is handed literally to everyone so that everyone is on cue for any questions or briefing as it where.

In open disclosure as I remember the show in particular that featured Ambassador Susan Rice with her talking points memorandum that sounded nothing like what was pouring in from the other stations. Furthermore, we get the weekly treatment of the White House Rose Garden, that something else “Shinola-for-brains-Obama” talking about how proud he was of his U.N. Ambassador for [maintaining] her story whilst at the same time he was delivering a blow by blow account of some very short video segment regarding how extremist Muslims hate America. Anyone with a fourth grade education could have seen directly through it.

However what outright makes me angry is how none of these glamorized commentators have ever thought more than their talking points memorandum, they all like to play the pundits with regards to war.

020806-F-7823A-004So I will ask a simple question:— ♪♪♪♪ How would you feel, tell me, how would you feel ♪♪♪♪— if you received deployment orders for a 13 month tour of duty in the “cradle of civilization itself” the cradle of some sort of humankind and you learn you are to be facing the world’s fourth largest army who is coming off a recent victory, only with their stupid prowess rather than go home, they’ve decided to stay out in the berms and live through humungous sand storms?

Knowing well in advance that the current military does not honor or even attempt to RT_isil_fighter_holding_flag_mosul_jt_140827_16x9_608ensure an “end time of duty” so you could be at war for up to 6 or 7, some 8 to 10 tours in hostile and yet worse areas of operation. So you assume your all set up against your enemy, let’s say extremist Iraqi’s. Now before you have even experienced battle in fact, on the night prior to moving out, some crazed person from the area of the world where you are going to fight — simply lobs-in several hand grenades at lights out time thereby costing lives of your cadre, commanders, and fellow troops.

And while you are told that you will be assisting the “in-house” or national military that is there, you very fastly learn that these people are not there to learn, or even cooperate with you. During all of this you don’t need alerting that comrades’ of theirs from lands far away have joined in to help them…not to be a better or more responsible soldier, yet rather, to assist them in their conquest of you and yours.

images (3)Now after a time of 12 and a half months you come to the realization that you will be staying on for another tour, if for nothing more than to assist your own government in saving lives by hopefully telling them what is going on. You see, it becomes hard for you at the humming noise that just muses your short hair that someone — member of the units fighting force — has told local intelligence officials who, where, and when you will be in that exact spot. Now you’re feeling some betrayal issues.

And at the first crack of the mornings rifle you openly stare at those whom you are thumb downtraining, sprinting in the opposite direction! Nothing flamboyant about it gang, these morons are wearing the latest in body armor, slinging the latest rifle, with hand grenades pinned around them and they are running away. It is very obvious to you that they care nothing whatsoever about you, they’ve been up late the previous night receiving orders [from those who are on the other side] on which police academy, or intersection to totally annihilate.

Soon enough you realize what am I fighting for — a nation that is coming undone as the days go by; moreover, you are alerted that the President, your Commander-in-Chief, has done nothing in strategic preparation to have you retake a country again — twice! You also find out that this same person has increased all entitlement spending, broken the laws of the US Constitution to allow something in the neighborhood of a net gain of 10 million people who came here illegally.

I love ya’ man and lady…been there, done that…and it sucks!


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