Punishing Tom Brady is Sick and Atrociously Egregious!

Punishing Tom Brady is Sick and Atrociously Egregious!

bradyTom Brady said tonight he didn’t really have any comment or reaction to the Deflategate report in which lead attorney Ted Wells said it “is more than probable” Brady was aware of the release of air from the Patriots’ footballs. Please explain where Mr. Wells draws this conclusion. Moreover, since when is anyone indicted in the USA judiciary to be accountable to a grand jury or otherwise based on “is more than probable.”

Mr. Wells is for all intents and purposes is committing character assassination against Mr. Tom Brady. In addition every journalists out there as well as the many pundits who have made generalized statements such as Chris Chase who entitled his article in USA Today, “Tom Brady cheated his way to a Super Bowl.”

Now my friends this much is certain — though there does exist a First Amendment in the espnapi_dm_150506_nfl_jeff_saturday_wells_report_wmainU.S. Constitution, something that is often abused is the notion of freedom of speech. But please hear this — though when one is talking this particular portion of the 1st Amendment does a tremendous amount of yielding.

Please be advised that the actual writing of someone’s conduct without copious amounts of evidentry truth based on whatever writers’ claims — this is the centrality of the Amendment. This week has really shown the depth of our societal breakdown. Look I don’t care what so-and-so says about the condition of a football — that is whether or not such weights in at 12.5 pounds or 13.2 lbs. or otherwise weights in at 12.5 or 11.9 pounds, it is the one thinking that somehow there is a benefit for 22 players who each has the rights to manipulate that football. If there is someone who can measure up and tell anyone what the exact pressure is in a football — what is your name, and why have you been so quiet?

If there is a person who can tell what the poundage of a football is say — like set up 40 footballs between the weights of 12.5 and 12.0 or for the “Finals” say that there exists 10 unknown weighted footballs say between 12.5- 13.0 let’s just see who can select the correct weight of the ball. I am ALL-IN!

celebrate diversityThe investigation, led by attorney Ted Wells, stated it “is more than probable” that Brady “was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” involving the release of air from the Patriots’ footballs. Again I have a fundamental problem with this Tom Wells, who is making conjecture everywhere. Let’s look at a different scenario — the situation deals with murder. Does anyone think that a jury or a standalone courtroom determine a person’s innocence or guilt with “is more than probable” that the defendant [Brady] “was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” involving the release of gun powder from Patriots’ bullets?

No because that is just plain ridiculous! Even more ridiculous is the notion that the equipment manager from the Indianapolis Colts contacted the head NFL official for equipment and told the NFL that the Patriots’ would be up to something — deflating footballs or something a lot more disastrous. Therefore normal communication went on between these two organizations — hand written communiqués, reports filed, and even a mention to the game officials. Yet, with all of their dignity, nothing, absolutely nothing was even stated to the New England Patriots’.

Word between Mr. Brady’s agent moreover, word on the street has it very much WireAP_dce0fc52ba3e4fedb47825da1b379942_16x9_992 resembling a sting operation. Speaking of Mr. Brady’s agent, this is what he has to say: His agent, Don Yee, issued a statement earlier today slamming the findings as “a significant and terrible disappointment.”

“Its omission of key facts and lines of inquiry suggest the investigators reached a conclusion first, and then determined so-called facts later,” Yee said in the statement.


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