Measuring the Clinton’s Moral and Ethical Values

Measuring the Clinton’s Moral and Ethical Values

clinton and chinese misslesThis article is by no means an endorsement or support for the Clinton family; furthermore, this writing only gives information accrued on behalf of sources who definitely heard or was an eyewitness to any or all of the Clinton bottomless and immeasurable mash.

It certainly did not take time for Special Agent Gary Aldrich to recognize that the Clinton’s appeared unplumbed from the generation they allegedly were representing. In addition Aldrich advises that there definitely seemed to “something” about the Clinton’s, their friends, and their political agenda, an agenda that he concluded was at odds with the US Constitution, that he had sworn to uphold.

Agent Aldrich made some observations that as a writer I cannot possibly, with good conscience, just let go. His perceptions regarding the behavioral attitudes of the Congress is as true as they come. I will be sharing with you what he observed.

However before I even get started down that path I would like to share with my readers the overall displacement with regards to the Clinton’s. Aldrich is by far a more exorbitant than I could possibly imagine. He continues, “When Bill Clinton was elected, I wanted to believe that he’d make a fine president. Although Aldrich readily admits that he is an FBI agent, not a campaign worker.

But what he was seeing day after day at the White House was not a single shred of evidence of what he had hoped for. There was no evidence of Georgetown, Oxford, and Yale educated brilliance, or even that this would be a folksy, moderate, southern Democrat administration.

Please understand that there is no easy way to conduct a proper FBI investigation. And I hope everyone reading could KS14598understand that everyone who works at the White House will go through the process at least once. Trying to apprehend this notion — given the unorchestrated amounts of potential people could be staggering. Interviews had to be conducted — not just with those who have known you on a local basis, but when I had mine done, the FBI went to my high school teachers, middle school teachers and friends I’d made since elementary school. Coaches from Little League teams, Pop Warner football teams to professors at my original university had to be interviewed. An FBI background investigation is anything but a small undertaking.

Basically there are four key elements to a background investigation. Those elements include character; associates; reputation and loyalty, or simply CARL.

Character — Good traits such as morality and ethics include honesty, integrity, work ethic, attitude, demeanor, and bearing. A “bad” character would be determined by finding that someone is dishonest, lacks integrity, is lazy, and possibly been found guilty of criminal conduct.

Associates — And individual is assessed by the company they keep. If a person is a doctor by day, they shouldn’t be hanging out with drug traffickers by night. Just about as basic as married couples by day shouldn’t…

Reputation — Most of us will make an enemy or two in life; however, the overall impression of those who know a candidate who is negative, it follows that an additional investigation will be needed.

Loyalty — When someone takes an oath for and on behalf of their country, it simply means loyalty to the United States, our flag, and to the U.S. Constitution. Today, especially to the current administration, staffers often misinterpret it as loyalty to the president.

The end result of this investigation is the protection of the reputation and credibility of the presidenHillary Rodham Clintont.

Now for the moral and ethical values of the Clinton’s: Morality is defined by : beliefs about what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior; and to the degree to which something is right and good : the moral goodness or badness of something.

Similarly the ethics pertaining to the Clinton’s by definition should be: rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad: ethics : an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior : a branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right or wrong: a belief that something is very important.

As we will see very shortly the individuals involved and within the Clinton administration especially in dress, speech, attitude, and character just simply should not even have worked in the White House.


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