A Birdseye View to the DHS Mess

2012-01-25 19.16.02A Birdseye View to the DHS Mess

debtmoneyPersonally I find that the ways of collecting taxes, albeit whatever those taxes are used for and how they are appropriated — notice that little term “appropriated” which literally means that those funds collected by our Congress are earmarked for another pet project that either any Member of Congress, the Executive branch, or the Judiciary can lobby for or against. Notice please that I also used the word earmarked — which in every instant means that someone will benefit in-pocket from any transaction.
I am sure that when any tax appropriated funds collected for bridges, pot hole work, other infrastructure work, which normally go directly to the State that has made the request; however, it is nothing for the House Bank or whatever medium is being used these days, the individual Congressional official usually has made his/her request to deliver it to the State — interestingly, even during times after proper bidding has finished and the funding is ready for disbursement. This practice has become the number one way to reelection.
As long as I am addressing tax collection by the IRS and then disbursed to the federal government is what budgets are all about. Here is a couple of examples of what could happen:
IRS collects federal income taxes; Before those funds are disbursed along 4 to 5 levels of the federal government we find out that billions yes, billions have been paid out to prison inmates in custody. Where and in what department is most affected by this general accounting error? The next example is again a total accounting error however in this case the funds are going to illegal immigrants, some in cash, while some receive earned income credit.
The chances that the Department of Homeland Security shuts down at the beginning of March increase each day. Money for the department has gotten tied up in a spat in Congress over immigration. Republicans want Congress to pass legislation that would fund DHS but also block President Obama’s plan to delay deportations for millions of undocumented immigrants. Democrats want a clean bill.
In this case, DHS has become the ultimate Washington contrivance, almost all symbolism and almost no substance.
Shutting down DHS sounds ominous, but it would accomplish nobody’s goals. If the department does shutter, most of the country’s Coast Guard officers and Border Patrol agents will keep going to work.
The DHS office that would be responsible for processing the applications from undocumented immigrants, which is called Citizenship and Immigration Services, would also stay open. The office collects fees from people applying for citizenship and immigration papers, which it uses to pay its staff, so it doesn’t depend on regularly receiving new money from Congress.
The background to all this, you see is that, after the 2014 midterm election, Obama announced he would allow undocumented immigrants to apply to have their deportations delayed for three yearsDHS Patch Border Patrol if they were the parents of children living in the country legally. The announcement enraged Republicans in Congress. They have refused to extend funding for the Department of Homeland Security beyond the end of this month, when they set aside money for the rest of the federal government through the fall.
As an old report from the Congressional Research Service notes, when the department shut down along with the rest of the government in 2013, more than 85 percent of Homeland Security’s employees kept working.


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