In Reality…who Cares? This Man Never had a Clue…

In Reality…who Cares? This Man Never had a Clue

foolmetwice-130x190After hearing the latest “official reporting” from the White House department that handles this man’s ever crusting bull squat about his authorizing at the very least a stand-in, let alone the possibility of showing up himself, what I am trying to convey is how disingenuous this person is, and that, fellow reader’s, is the truth. President Barack Obama as described by none other than me, has been caught to many times of withholding or not taking full account of known information.

Barack Obama does not appear to be genuinely sincere about anything other than those issues that will line his pockets. Therefore, I feel that it is very safe to say that Obama gives a false impression of sincerity or simplicity. Actually what he does not see or have a clue to is how he appears to the rest of the world. The latest excuse (get this one) “Nobody asked for me to come.”

This compilation of a man has shown time-after-time that he is untruthful to his own people and yet worse — to himself. Moreover, in his deceitful, dishonest, and devious ways have just run it’s due course over me; make no qualms about it after Solyndra, and a complete missing of half a billion dollars, carried over with his deceitful scheming in matters concerned with Fast and Furious with a line of failed “renewable energy” blunders. And of course I know you’ll remember that the culprit has never blamed himself or took attribution (blame) for any of the domestic policy changes, foreign policy malfeasances,’ to the tune of his latest blunders of trying to act like an emperor in a fortified empire skirting Congress in front of me, you, and his Maker.

Now let’s move to “just another” skirting around the American people and their elected representatives — Closing down Gitmo Bay with true to form prisoner release. First, it should be mentioned that experts believe that 60 percent of those released end up right where they were taken into custody. On the battlefield. Does it take critical thinking to sort this out? We didn’t think so either.

Another one of those “get on by-the-by” is going to be what members of his own platoon testified under investigation about: That Sgt. Bergdahl was not only a traitor but that he also told of secret positions and of course cardinal directions to and from their fort. So I am asking this question: Did Emperor Obama ever say anything to you or me or the other guy that he was doing a prisoner swap to get Gitmo Bay closed? Or since our US Attorney General has been cited for Contempt of Congress, because he too thought he was above the law and all along you’ve supposed he is out and a replacement has been named. I just do not hear Obama or Holder say anything about Bergdahl.

Please have a look at what Thomas Jefferson had to say:

“[A]ll power is originally vested in, and consequently derived from, the people. That government is instituted and ought to be exercised for the benefit of the people; which consist in the enjoyment of life and liberty and the right of acquiring property, and generally of pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety. That the people have an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to reform or change their government whenever it be found adverse or inadequate to the purpose of its institution.

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