Americans Aiding the Jihadists

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Wednesday that more than 100 Americans are fighting with Islamic State militants, the first time the Pentagon chief has put a number on U.S. citizens aiding the terrorists.

Hagel cited the Americans aiding the jihadists to illustrate the threat that the Islamic State poses to the United States. That, we believe is a matter of perspective and when words collide.

Everyone catch the collision? Hum… there are actually three such collisions that occur; however, to the astute collector of information, and with one who knows the language, first let’s examine the bash-ups, and then see what we can do to clean it up to see  exactly what the author intended to say.

First, it is obvious that the point of Americans aiding the jihadist’s we believe is far more a scare tactic use then what is currentlyPASSPORT happening. So here we go — do we actually believe in our heart of hearts that 100 people affiliated with America in some way are aiding these jihadists? Second, perhaps unbeknownst to the writer, or indeed he may have been put up to this mindless rhetoric by those at the next higher pay grade. Thirdly, we can actually see the government’s press toward propaganda rather than telling a true, fact-based article.

Spotting the government’s intention comes at the wording at, “Islamic State.” Currently, I have heard some person from each of the networks, as well as cable news, and cable shows disliking the notion of ISL or ISIS simply because they feel that it is wrong to rename the actual ground they have been collecting without legal matters such as an armistice or legal treaty declaring this action for all of humankind.

All things being equal this article appears to be a great example of propaganda, which as history illustrates is really a number one measure to get people aware or to do something illegal for the common good.

“We are aware of over 100 U.S. citizens who have U.S. passports who are fighting in the Middle East with ISIL forces,” Hagel told CNN, using the U.S. government’s preferred acronym for the Islamic State. “There may be more. We don’t know.”

How a government official can go half-cocked with a figure and then end the sentence with “We don’t know.” We find this matter irresponsible and creating or inciting a riot or civic disobedience.

One would think that a person in a position of such magnitude would do some checking — yet in the next sentence it plays out specifically, “U.S. intelligence officials have said that as many as 300 Americans may have joined forces with the Islamic State. They are among thousands of Westerners believed to be fighting alongside the militants.”

300px-US_Department_of_Homeland_Security_Seal.svgThe only pivotal point I could possibly suggest is where the devil has the Department of Homeland Security been with its varying divisions of USICE as well as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service? Whoever is reading this, we believe that this is what needs to be dealt with first — rather than to get into reform issues, which obviously cannot happen because there doesn’t exist laws — therefore we believe that this bit of worthy news should be looked at by Congress first.

P.S. Since the Islamic State fighters began sweeping across Iraq almost three months ago, Obama has dispatched 760 American troops to advise Iraqi forces, set up joint operations centers in Baghdad and Irbil, and to assess the threat.



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