Try Considering “What if”…

Try Considering “What if”…

obama-0828Hey… it is Friday so let’s have some fun in preparation for our Labor Day holiday. I choose the theme of Try Considering “What if”… as a means of getting to some very relative points that every soul in the media is having difficulty with — So, who is Eye sail? Or some have become so uppity and wanting to appear to be like their liberal elite friends have gone on to mangle this word.

It was just after the president’s first speech upon returning from vacation when he pushed himself to use Eye sale (ISL) instead of the standard of the time, ISSI or Is Si. never mind all the rhetoric such as let’s keep the audience in the now (or know) why don’t we explain the reason why everyone is now scrambling to be right with ISL or ISSI or some contraction of the word.

So let’s Try Considering “What If”…we did something like look up what people are using these words for. Sounds reasonable — it almost sounds responsible!

What if we looked on the Internet? Well this was taken from an interesting article about how Gov. Rick Perry of Texas lambasted Barack Obama for not having a strategy ready and in order. We plan on focusing on that theme in our next directional change with What If. So for right now the acronym (ISSI) stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the Middle East.

So where does (ISIL) come from? For some apparent reason, by hook or by crook, our in-way-to-deep man-with-the-phone-and-pen bringing the saying directly from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. At first reference to see those White House Corps of reporters scrambling to get to either their computers or phones for a little help was one thing of hilarity; however, now whenever you see or hear some person in the media tongue-flopping for that word here is what you should remember:

 The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), alternately translated as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or the originalIslamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (referring to Greater Syria; Arabic: is now simply know as ISSI or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Now, what on earth is Barack Obama trying to do with his, and I mean only his usage of ISIL when he knew or must have known that that “treatment” of the Islamic State has not be legitimately used for quite some time.

As we see it, just another one step-up on the frightful scale of liberal extreme elitist posture. Now then anyone who would do such a dastardly thing to the people you claim to want to protect we need something for this unenviable proceeding.

So this morning you decide to have a much aligned press conference whilst sporting some fashionista with the tan suit. Well it got you your very own hash tag (#). However when you stated, “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse,” Obama told reporters during a White House news briefing. “We don’t have a strategy yet.”

Here is the epitome of our title for today. It would behoove you enormously if you stated, “We don’t have a strategy yet, “[that I am willing to discuss with any of you at this time.]”  We think that by you considering the “What if” notion with the line already written the point becomes, plausibly yes and no. Therefore, you are off the hook.

Just one more issue that only serves to make perfectly good sense to me. Anytime you decide on vacation plans, fundraising campaigns, or basically anytime you decide to go to an extremely popular place to do your activities, how about Try Concerning, “What if.”

Having elected to continue your vacation in the Hampton’s, then on to Martha’s Vineyard has completely shut down the air space over all of New York City, forcing companies and their patrons, as well as millions of traveler’s to use alternate routes because you’ve elected those places to go and have fun and doddle around.

Just think What if we used a different flight plan? Because of the millions of dollars that companies will be loosing and traveler’s spending 5 to 8 hours longer driving and buying more expensive gas, “What If” you tried a different mode of transportation or how your arrival will be. 



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