Who is Working in the Oval Office…

Never call him ‘Commander-in-Chief’

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The very first issue that came to me this morning was a voice of a popular news anchor stating, “I’m not sure what anyone is going to do about it…but the fact remains that this president has basically given up on the j0b of being president.” Then immediately thereafter the newsman continued on with how dispatched Barack Obama was after Mr. Foley was filmed being decapitated, and more matters on how things have been going in Ferguson, MO., primarily who was showing up today for Michael Brown’s funeral and of course, who would be speaking.

I mean I was still under the covers during all of this reporting and just like any other person on the planet earth I seriously debated as to whether or not to get up. And right then…is when it happened.

Like someone messing around on an old naval Frigate, to get everyone’s attention some person fired that shot over the bow, and it sounded as if the entire launching apparatus exploded! This was the one time when I literally heard “bells and whistles.”

Back to our news personality — he was interviewing an ex-commando, S.E.A.L., who was now explaining how leaks just don’t happen at that level as a matter of happenstance. In other words they are all planned. This bright and shining used to be Coronel is now in the field of sharing his intelligence with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As you may have imagined the topic was military involvement against ISIS, and yes we do know that is happening. Yet, when Syrian officials initiate a directive that Syrian air-space is no longer available for U.S. warplanes and our young Coronel says, “And the Iranians have film of a U.S. drone circling one of their nuclear sites…” the entire ground begins to shake like Napa Valley wine country.

It is precisely at this point in time that I will make a comparison: President George Bush, the Elder set up an operation aptly Gulf_War_Photobox21named Desert Shield. The point of this shield was that Bush the Elder saw something further down the road. Like an invasion of Iraq — and seriously who wants any form of militia that can be called to inhibit your plans? No one!

But wait a minute here — now I am talking about an entire two months that went by and what does it take to actually see a Red Line. It was our best and by far (by his standards!) our brightest President Obama (with the bad eye sight) who during that same period was lessening the Defense budget, talking about getting out of Afghanistan, and seeing to it that our five-six-seven and many longer tours in a theater of war were getting their pink slips on the battlefield!

Now then, if you have chosen to fly and make bombing raids against ISIS, do it with class and dignity. During Desert Shield alone President George Bush, the Elder commanded our combined Air Forces to fly as many as 100,000 sorties per day. Now there is the real Commander-in-Chief!


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