PLEASE, do not be fooled by a person’s words and gentle manner…

PLEASE, do not be fooled by a person’s words and gentle manner…

rotunda-capitol-7-1-11If there is anything that our Creator believes we would manage to do without his intervention is to totally bury our fellow human beings with our own mouths. In fact there exists more discussion, admonishments, warnings, precepts, and safety, including how those who use words indiscriminately will live.

This is not an embellishment for anything other than useless, mindless, arrogant, and purposeless flapping of the lips, which we as a Nation of well-meaning American’s who certainly have contributed to the infrastructure, assistance in agriculture, how to locate that special well-water and if it according to the will of God, which we know through our own conversations with Him that it is indeed his will that we share.

Not altogether certain of who’s or which side I’m on yet, but seeing thousand of rockets going into Israel as one such condition; furthermore, as I have watched our own government through various means give more to the continent of Africa ahead of any other time before in history. Completely relying of my own exposition here, what did the people think was going to happen? All of these judgmental calls begin to weigh in on a person.

lighted crossThis illegal immigration because of a broken system is truly one of the first incidents that should have been taken care of – but was not according to President Obama. This certainly does not imply that our problems with illegal immigrants (size and nature) and certainly quantity of them has not been one administration getting a boost from the former man out. If there were a couple of issues that could have tidied this down nicely would have been the next Commander—In –Chief, after Reagan to have pulled up and kept admonishing the business for hiring – at a must lower cost – new recipients would be earning and to fine the local corporations.

Now, given the arrangements of the Responsible Immigration Control Act of 1986 this was like a smoking dragon. President Bush, the Wiser, allowed the newly formed Department of Homeland Security basically “carte blanche” these individuals who were talking their game, the corporations talking their games along with DHS and the division ICE. Rather than take issue with the law that was proffered to all of the U.S. agencies and then sees how this was going. Yet I will reassure you that for those who by not doing their mandated work, once caught, what the bill was supposed to do was enlist them into the military without haste.

Well if one president who served with Reagan did not comply with the rules then –from thelittle gavel netherland of the human psyche – Bush the Wiser left the White House in a mix up mind over the people of America as well as the Clinton’s.

To be as social and respectable as possible Clinton was worse that President Bush, the Wiser. Bill Clinton was able to add additional lands for squatting over and new bills to support our new influx. Same with President George W. Bush, the Younger. However and there are a few pundits reading their talking papers as if they were true. On contraire! President Obama has fouled up our broken immigration system more than he will ever be able to fix it.

It is for remorseful work that you would do by believing anyone within this administration presently. Do not you just love it when Senators, Representatives, DHS, ICE, and the executive office with their huge mouths come out and try to make the “other guy” look remotely incompetent about what he’s talking about.

logoAnd finally when I hear a 4 and 5 year olds talking from different nations altogether and what spews from their mouths will be carved into granite one day. It is not that their way of discourse that gets to me. No what it is, it is how the accent is gone and their true line of thinking and then spewing words like “the bad men, the coyotes want us to run these drugs into America and they are always recruiting us in the bathrooms.
Believe me we have about a good month of this kind of mainstream media putting guilt and you are a bad person for now helping these youngsters now as they are arriving. To be as truthful as I can these minor children are learning these works from the U.S. President Barack Obama and from the mainstream media types.



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