NUMBERSUSA, FAIR, and Common Sense

NUMBERSUSA, FAIR, and Common Sense

pict41In general, migrants are not desperate beings willing to risk everything for a chance of a better life as human activists and politicians often portray them to be. Neither is human mobility reduced to “acts of love.” Immigrants are men and women driven by imagined opportunities who dream of a brighter future for themselves and their children. They are ambitious human beings who believe they can beat the system.

One of the issues that I have with our absent-minded Congressional staff (both sides, assuredly) is that why is it that they do not see this rather obvious set of obviously difficult circumstances? America is not in need of any more strip mining especially to build new homes, America does not need weighted accessories to funnel into any: broad based entitlement program whatsoever.

However, if they were not so lazy, rich, and able to perform in their jobs they would be plenty able to see that America needs cost cutting in all aspects of government so much more than America needs bantering up in chosen entitlements. We sit and write all day – everyday – in the hopes of educating not only Americans but those around the world that America is not “For Sale or Bartering Services, or Come one come all,” we are here to assist you in any way possible.

We are fully aware that that kind of America is not in existence right now. America is a country that is going through some very significant changes to include the very principles that the Founders had fought to ensure. Namely ethical and moral behavior and the notion that many secular groups want the very fabric of this Nation buried and forgotten whilst going extinct; that is a significant change to deal with.

We have a President who is wanton in law breaking and a Congress that could give a hill of beans to do orthe goooo2 especially to stop a Constitution-breaking maniac that will not take accountability for anything that has happened on his watch. No, if anything he has already set up the person long in advance of who will take the inevitable blame.

One should be asking themselves how is it that the Secretary of State at the time of Benghazi, who once started receiving blame, Hillary Clinton, from a man that cannot verify his whereabouts during the entirety of the attack, Barack Obama.

Now if we were too toss into this ridiculous and untidy mess, our astute US Attorney General, Eric Holder. Furthermore, what was being planned in the White House amongst other places the drafting and changing of talking points for our Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice…and they probably thought the “eight minute” video tape from Cairo was going to suffice.

So here we are with two excessively unrestrained Houses of Congress being convoluted by virtually every special interest groups as well as any person of means (rich people) trying to make a decision in Washington D.C.

We do not think so as a matter of record. Every wonder why the expression of “When he/she went intoCapture33 office a couple of years ago and now they are truly worth several if not, hundreds of millions” one might be well served to look at what a vote ostensibly is worth.

Hell, when was the last time we, the American people, were asked anything about immigration? Not to worry…next election we should remember who it was that voted “yea” rather than “nay.”


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