ellen21n-2-web (1)Okay then, Okay, and OK! Now before we get too serious on our overreach series we decided that the following is one of those “Fun articles” that we would be doing from time to time inasmuch as between immigration reform, same-sex marriage, entitlements for ostensibly everyone regardless of citizenship, and indeed what we find is the most important – balance of powers within our government – well one needs time to relax and preparation time for writing.

So the other day I was sitting in my office study doing what I call preparation when a colleague came in and just very calmly asked me, “Do you think that this Malaysian airliner flight going down really happened or do you think that it is a diversionary tactic. My colleague, Taylor, continued on saying, “I realize that we are anything but a right wing conspiracy organization, but odder and certainly more critical things have happened in the past, and I just wanted to hear your input.”

Jokingly I mentioned the J.F.K. assassination, the heinous lies told by a commanding general during the Vietnam war especially when causalities and those killed in action numbers were as fudged almost as much as our current administration’s deportation numbers. However I soon found out that comedy and/or joking around were not the kind of break Taylor was looking to stimulate her mind.

Well rather embarrassed, and after apologizing to her I felt the best way to handle this situation was with the Socratic Method. This method was designed by Socrates and usedellen21n-2-web by every influential philosopher that had worked with him and then by several of those who did not. Further, the method is often used by educators at assisting the student into self-discovering the correct answer.

Therefore, I started with the mention of diversion. Why had she thought or believed there in fact was a diversion going on. Laying it on pretty thick she explained to me that she felt, moreover statistics certainly proved, that just about everyone in the journalism business as well as the mainstream-media television commentators were covering what she felt was a story meant to divert one’s attention from other far more important issues.

200So naturally I asked for an example. As she reached for her immensely stuffed Portage (the standard journalist-reporters manual for writing) one thing I noticed were her papers on Moscow Discontent, Syrian Chemical Weapons, Ukrainian News sources, and the unthinkable, the annexation of Crimea by the Russians. Feeling like a complete idiot I managed to say to Taylor, “everything that is not being reported by the mainstream media.”

Then the bigger items that she had been working on – Putin, Russian’s laughing at the U.S.A., as well as two neatly preserved photographs, one of Obama placing picks into his March Madness brackets, the other one was a photograph of Ellen Degeneres and Barack Obama.

Taylor felt that her Nation was not being represented whatsoever. “How could it be…with your Commander-in-Chief oblivious to how he appears to the world and (shockingly) adding, ‘what is this guy trying to be…an insurance salesman’?” We both discussed the ramifications of the POTUS caring more about his legacy, ObamaCare, than even the Malaysian aircraft that is getting far too much coverage.

Is this an example of Media Overreach?

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