Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling ProblemBefore continuing much further into demonstrating outright executive overreach, legislative overreach, and judicial overreach we want all of our readers to know that the Law of Opposites is no different at The Contemplative Thinker from at any other journalistic news related site.

Up to this point we have covered Overzealous Overreach, we have only slightly passed over Executive Overreach, and as implied in the Executive Overreach category we will delve deeply.

However as Bob Beckel noted on The Five, a co-opted panel discussion forum featured on the FOX News program, one must ask themselves…so, “What are you going to do about it?”

I will readily admit that on the Tuesday, 18 March 2014 version of The Five program one member of the panel launched a tirade of verbiage at Mr. Beckel that was about as farfetched as anyone could possibly go.

Truth be told there was a time when I just about finished my run with The Five. My reason was the incivility put forth by the shows other members namely Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfeld, Andrea Tanteros, Dana Perino, and Kimberly Guilfoyle towards Mr. Robert Beckel. Now all up, I do understand the format of the show. However, Beckel was unable to even utter a complete sentence due in large part by Bolling’s and the heinous Guilfoyle’s constant and never-ending interruptions.

In all seriousness what is “Fair and Balanced” about four people ganging-up on one. Furthermore, Bob Beckel although a liberal, has more diplomatic, foreign service, and established career experience than the others. danaperino0319-300x188Read his bio here.  I mean show some respect.

Here we go – as far as The Blaze, The Bizpacreview, AOL, Mediaite, and countless other mainstream media sources decided to report on the retort given by one of the members of the panel against Mr. Robert Beckel’s position. Please see HERE AND HERE.

Now facts are facts and to the point Mr. Beckel simply had brought forth the idea of “What would you do about it.” That was what the not-feeling- well-Dana Perino interrupted him over and subsequently did not maintain her debate position, nor did she answer Beckel’s question after being asked several times. For what it is worth the debate initiated by Beckel was that he and I and so many others are simply tired of hearing people, the know-it-all-kind, complaining about the current administration in its dealings with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

p031814ps-0349In order for Beckel to listen and hear some of it is raw courtesy; yet, for those who continue on and on and on he simply states, as does Mr. George Will, “What would you do about it” and Beckel as well as Will mean what answers do you have for the situation. Rather than express how lousy an administration is doing about something, Beckel wants to hear remedies.

Please remember that just as Eric, Greg, Dana, Andrea, and the heinous Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Beckel all have roles to play. I do understand that talk type pundit shows need a personality in which to keep ratings high and to generate interest. Subsequently, in this ordeal Dana Perino did not listen or hear Beckel’s point. No rather she played her role (I hope) and uncouthly interrupted Bob and like a liberal, she did not even mention his debate point – rather —  and this part is funny to me – Perino missed Beckel’s question “What would you do about it” and changed her debate (a very liberal technique!) to foreign policy, reading, and some other nonsensical rubbish. Here have a listen.



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