9d5aa30c-b4c0-46df-a754-9ba54ab4e080_272_330Seriously speaking how often have you or anyone else you are close to you saying, “That’s enough!” We have all seen and heard as much as I care to hear concerning President Barack Obama.
As predicated upon his behavior moreover, in sum of the complete asinine things this person has done to our Nation. How we are perceived internationally, who knows how long it is going to take to get American exceptionalism where it once was and belongs.

To be certain we are tired of the identifying of Obama’s foul ups when they only lead to something worse that happens. If not an oddity then maybe I am losing it; however, it seems overly apparent to me that whenever I begin to identify (normally daily) that process simply leads me on to the next rung and up and up we go.

Look the grieving politician that he has become a lesson – and we mean to us all – that this man does not or ever did possess the knowledge of the ways the world works. Therefore the next time we are faced with his kind of stupidity and inexperience in office let us promise ourselves we find the first woman Tea Party candidate and vote accordingly.

This brings me to the notion of Executive Overreach part one. Ah yes, American exceptionalism for starters. You see we have a very hard and difficult time when just adieu is not given. And we definitely feel and believe dearly that if some symptoms hit our national averages then through hard work those national averages climb 23 places among countries participating then we should hear about it.

Head Start

And oh contraire! It is not good!

Enough with how bad the teachers are at teaching! Enough with the imbecile decisions! Indeed most importantly, enough breaking our national law. To help assist those on what I am referring to is the cockamamie ways that this Nation went headlong and first class with Welfare Reform. Say it is not so Joe! Crediting another Democratic president, Mr. Bill Clinton, he structured an enormous Welfare Reform package that set vital records. His reform ensured that more folks went back to work…why? Because they felt better about themselves when they were working. It was almost automatic!

So let us compare this overreaching law breaking idiot to the facts. We have written several times about how the Head Start program after a fifteen year study that compared 3 year olds to other 3 year olds and given the amount of time and scientific data used, those exact same 3 year olds where then compared to 4 year olds and 5 years old and on up. Please click here for a magnificent article.

The report and its findings are listed right here. Please take your time a click on a link or two like say here and HERE.

What problem(s) do we have with this type of overreach? Well just as most other presidents who have complied with the U.S. Constitution it does take an act of Congress to approve the hand out funding of eight billion dollars for these type of programs. Again please take the time to read the red box in the writing.

As mentioned earlier we are going to inspect these “overreaches” that have been conducted by our lame-duck president who is in the process of turning our nation to heights of new humiliation.


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