Overzealous Overreach..?

Overzealous Overreach..?

illegals getting medicade and ObamacareWe can think of no place to check on the historic premonition of the U.S. Constitution other than through the Founder’s themselves. I for one must join the multitude of thinkers that actually wonder what was going through these people’s minds not so much as when the rule of law was put together, yet more so on the trivia one could come up with at the notion when one becomes overzealous.

What is it when a person becomes overzealous particularly in their professions? Just a quick overview reminds me of someone being a particular rabid, fanatical, or even too passionate about something. Furthermore, it is interesting to make mention of the overzealous attempts impress someone of equal or slightly better standing than we may have at any given time. In fact if one were to make simple conjecture out of who shows the most overzealousness or excessive management in a given career.

Many could argue that professional athletes show the most fanatical type of behavior – or so the mainstream media would have us believe. Then again there is a certain young singer/entertainer that is showing overzealous behavior in just about everything so much in fact those individual organizations are contacting the White House to havebrown too22 certain strings attached to his passport concerning entering and exiting America.

Perhaps just a small ordering of scaling back on this individual’s behavior may or may not shed some light for all of us to consider. How many can remember when Sir Paul McCartney (Beatles, Wings fame) was arrested at the Japanese airport for his carry on marijuana stash? Maybe this one…musically oriented, can anyone remember when Keith Richards, lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones, was denied entrance into the U.S.A? That one sure got political in a hurry.

So many musical entertainers have been literally thrown under the bus because of what they did on their own time one could almost say that our government has been too difficult on those who have broken their nation’s drug laws, and overstayed a visa. So to round out our story here, who is being overzealous regarding the entertainers?

Interesting to share – It appears that the origin for modern English adapting and using the word and subsequent behavior of overzeal was around 1625 to 1635. In addition we found there to be a lot of political musings and mentions within the definition. Was this period of time different from any other time for English language speakers?

Then again ask yourself what chosen profession is dependent on being foreseen as too zealous, too enthusiastic, determined, and too fervent in getting their way? Politicians… of course.
Please stay tuned for a small multipart series on the outrageous absurdities that have occurred because one person was able to influence others because of their own overzealous beliefs.



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