Is this the Definition of ‘RAPE’…

The House has approved a $1 billion loan guarantee package for Ukraine, as part of the U.S. effort to support the new government as Russia continues to occupy the Crimean Peninsula. images (2)

If there is any surprise with this vote it would have to be concerning time; actual time. The measure was approved on a 385-23 vote, and goes next to the Senate. With Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) at the helm in the Senate who knows how long this bill could sit there.

The Obama administration announced the energy and aid package on Tuesday, when Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Kiev for talks with the new government.

The White House said the $1 billion loan guarantee was aimed at helping insulate Ukraine from reductions in energy subsidies. Russia provides a substantial portion of Ukraine’s natural gas and U.S. officials said they are prepared to work with Kiev to reduce its dependence on those imports.

The assistance is also meant to supplement a broader aid package from the International Monetary Fund.

mulaAid Money to Ukraine

Former Congressman Ron Paul had some startling trepidations, he said, “I’ve always argued that foreign aid is a process where you take money from poor people in this country and give it to rich people in other countries, because the people never seem to be helped. […] It’s government to government.” And so right he is with that statement.

In an interview with FOX News, Paul furthermore noted that the U.S. has given over $7 billion in aid to Libya, Egypt, and Syria – all of which remain unstable.

And with remittances going to Iraq, Afghanistan, and who else knows where, I believe the United States has established a rather ugly precedence with what seem like automatic money.

Congressman Paul did make a couple of points however, mentioning the notion of there may be unintended consequences to America’s good intentions. And of course we believe he is right. (Please see any consequences tag in Categories.)

He used the following narrative for his example — “[Ukraine] is behind on their payments to Russia for their natural gas. So maybe if we send money to their new government, they will pay Russia the money for their gas.”

Paul called the aid package wasteful, especially given that the U.S. is in so much debt. He also speculated that there are ulterior motives behind U.S. interventions overseas. Yet we would like to add that by stating, “If the U.S. really believes that sending the money is ‘a waste’ as Ron Paul alleges, we feel that one would or should weigh in their own hearts – is the Ukraine and the people’s well-being also ‘a waste.’”

Yet for some silver lining Paul also stated that, “he believes in helping people around the world, he thinks we should start with allowing Americans to “keep their own money… and if they want to donate to these countries, ttfine and dandy.”

Keep Focused

And finally for this offering we do have a couple of issues that are upsetting us, therefore we will tag them, Accountability and Responsibility.

??????????????????We are just going to make mention here of what topic one could expect to see. There are growing calls to follow the money on ObamaCare. Republican lawmaker Peter Roskam (IL) is planning to introduce a bill today that is aimed at keeping track of the $1.8 trillion taxpayer dollars expected to be spent on ObamaCare over the next decade.

Now let us add the $300 million that appears to be lost or somehow, someone in the Obama administration does not have those two precious traits needed for creating an effective government.



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