Foreign Policy – especially Ukraine and Mexico

OBAMA’s lack of knowledge in areas of Foreign Policy

What is coming more and more, even day by day, and finally we know now that President Obama is not prepared, to plan or implement any Foreign Policy with matters in Crimea or the significant invasion that is occurring in the Ukraine at present.

The implications of his lack of planning are currently frustrating (not wanting to mention embarrassing) as well they should be insofar as it is America as a whole that is suffering on the international platform.

To think even for an instant that America has had a solid position for at least the last sixty-five years which of course is for the most part designed, constructed, and implemented by successive Republican controlled legislation and presidential administrations for nearly a century.

All one really need to do is look at The Cold War. This is not mentioned because Barack Obama believes that the Cold War does not exist. Moreover, we think that it is safe to understand that any and all Democrat Party members as well as those Obama supporters in the main-stream media are exhausting themselves pushing these last rounds of the lack of foreign policy on President Bush.

Notwithstanding the utter ignorance by those who engage in the “Bush Bashing;” we find it critical to observe President Obama’s record as a U.S. Senator and find his own positions a matter of record in Congressional update information. For further reading please see…click here.)

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Don’t You Just Hate It when Alleged Responsible People Project Inaccurate Information

An organization that publishes many of the issues that I write about sent me an email the other day to see if I had any comments on a recent poll and/or the written commentary that went along with it; an opportunity that I have been unable to shake since viewing and reviewing the article since its publication.

The article which I am referring to is at none other than the Pew Research Center’s section called, Fact Tank News in the Numbers written by Ana Gonzales – Barrera. The article that is titled, Record number of deportations in 2012 is generally lacking any of The Pew Institutes integrity for truth in reporting and carelessly allowed the article to be published.

The “Alleged Responsible People” mentioned in my title is Ana Gonzales – Barrera, who proffers such self –titles as Research Associate at the Hispanic Trends Project. Putting this title in an as-it-were type vernacular, thrusts an interested or more knowledgeable reader into a position of looking to see if, in fact, the Hispanic Trends Project is part of The Pew Research Institute. And it is, as we know from their good work in other area projects.

Before anyone gets uppity with my assessment please understand that I have already viewed the writer’s sources which openly has admitted to publishing information that was given to them by President Obama and it was in fact full of “various inaccuracies” of number pilfering. Please see by clicking here a more accurate report. 


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3 Responses to Foreign Policy – especially Ukraine and Mexico

  1. thomlucci says:

    Barry Soetoro, who changed his name to Barack Obama, is a wuss, a sissy. His weapons are 1) a pen, and 2) his lying mouth.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      I agree with you…however, who knows when the precise change occurred? I think it is quite possible that both of us know there will be no clear record of it.
      Not until we start listening to those interviews that are on video from Kenya and some from Hawaii and possibly Indonesia and hear what those folks say. Also I hope that you got my joke with the last comment 🙂


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