Obama regarding fabricating stories – and lies – what will results affect

radicalizationSo it has been stated, “How other people in future elections will negotiate candidates of color.” Please, we implore anyone reading this quibble to please be open and objective; we feel that this question is not wrong in asking.

Please believe me, your trusty editor-in-chief, that no malice is regarded certainly because we do not believe anyone on our staff here at The Contemplative Thinker is racist. Maybe that is why we feel it is an earnest question to be asked.

Historic Findings

We believe based on evidence and action that Barack Obama is a liar. The bizarre means he used and continues to use along with the reckless disregard for elements of truth guaranteed every citizen in the U.S.A. by way of the Constitution is by no means hindering or otherwise keeping Obama’s feet from the “line in the sand” of keeping to the truth.

Daily we see and hear of decisions he has made affecting other people’s lives. Albeit whether it is freely granted Amnesty, more food stamps, retrenchment of reform in the welfare department or whatever — costly decisions are being made.

And just to keep it fresh in our reader’s minds are the calamities of the Internal Revenue Service that must be investigated for misappropriation of public funds, the Benghazi scenario, why does his Justice Department IRS-logofeel it is apropos to eavesdrop on personal lines of journalists, if or a big why concerning Fast & Furious, and of course his pathetic apology.

Everything mentioned above has impeachable offenses for the Office of the President.

Other Critical Findings

What do you think he sees?

What do you think he sees?

This person or want to be president seems to believe that he has the right, title, and interest to skirt Congress in matters of immigration. Nothing could be further than the truth. Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) are within the direct charter of the Congress. Sorry but no Executive Orders or Memorandums to Order for other heads of agencies (Janet Napolitano and DHS or Eric Holder and Justice) in other words there are preexisting lines of job descriptions inherent for all agencies to balance the powers of government.


Now we have come full circle to present a dilemma that may or may not be influencing the electorate, moreover, the U.S. citizenry. Our question is simply this: Do you believe that Barack Obama, given his history especially with Obama Care could affect any other African American from running for, or winning the office of President?

Everyone capable of watching television during the post 2008 election, will ever forget the revelry, pride, and release of all African American’s in the nation of the United States with regards to Obama being the “1st A/A President”. However, do you believe that predicated upon this man’s behavior, disrespect for the rule of law and then, his outright lying to the citizenry about his namesake legacy, Obamacare, that will deter voters or otherwise from electing another African American for the presidency. In other words, isn’t Barack Obama sort of shouldering how or what people may suspect from another candidate of color?

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  1. Lech Dharma says:

    “…In other words, isn’t Barack Obama sort of shouldering how or what people may suspect from another candidate of color?” I believe that last statement is one of the main reasons why “journalists” in the mainstream media haven’t been doing their jobs. They don’t want Obama’s failures and impeachable acts to reflect on future candidates “of color.”

    It’s the lamestream media that keeps proclaiming that the Emperor “has” clothes, even though people with intelligence and common sense could see the “naked” truth for many years.


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