So it is the usual toxic stew of lies, corruption, and incompetence that we have come to expect from Barack Obama. But one last point should not go unmentioned: where has the press been in all of this?

As of 2010, it was blindingly obvious–was baldly stated by the Obama administration itself–that under Obamacare, far from being permitted to keep your health care coverage if you like it, most Americans’ policies would speedily be terminated, and all would soon cease to exist.

Given the dozens of misrepresentations by Barack Obama and other members of his administration, and given the entirely dishonest basis on which Obamacare was rammed through the Democratic Congress without a single Republican vote, and given that Republicans’ warnings were indisputably coming true–was there not a news story here?

How can it be that three more years went by before our one-party media thought to mention what happened back in 2010? One can only imagine how the 2012 election might have been different if the electorate had understood that Obamacare was sold on a scaffold of lies.

Therefore, now knowing what this person is capable of doing, are you ready to trust this individual and his cohorts with granting amnesty to 10 or more million people? We are not sure what this usury is called or referred to anymore.

Here we have in and as evidence the truth behind the magnificent claims – that in reality are lies.

And no, no, no! We will not buy anyone’s rationalization of “everyone lies or he just got caught.” When a person in grade school has a look at some of our previous articles about Wasteful Spending. And then made aware of his, and his administration’s lies about it; subsequently, it certainly does not take a rocket engineer to figure out one small detail. We understand that Barack Obama has made mistakes, yet allow me to ask this pointed question, if you knew on November 5, 2012 what you know precisely what has been opened and revealed today, would you still have voted for him?

Illustrating just how different America is today than ever before all one must do is remember that it is simply a generation ago that a person resigned their tenure in office for the mere propriety of telling a lie.  Special thanks and our  customary hat-tip we express our delighted gratefulness to Powerline for their exemplary coverage of this grave travesty.     hat-tip


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