Is this the most “UNAWARE” organization in history

antique thangIs this the most “UNAWARE” organization

Is this the most “UNAWARE” organization, administration, or collective entity that you have ever seen trying to make anything unscrupulous, scrupulous? We simply cannot hold back any more; what we are about to divulge easily proves that the Obama administration is without question beyond being unaware.

Okay so most people want to know about what I mean with unaware. Being unaware is a condition of not being conscious or uninformed of the situations with which one is definitely involved in. Being unaware exasperates when that person and those under his charter are not knowledgeable or fully aware of all of the information needed to make an accurate assessment.

Finally for definitions sake, for a person to be unaware is “not realizing that something is happening.” Or even worse, pretending to be unacquainted with what is happening – especially when it is under your direction or care.

Bringing up excuses from an already antiquated President Bush’s administration will only go long enough before the reality sets in and shows the true colors of individuals. And it is within those parameters we ask you whether or not this person, Barack Obama, should remain as the POTUS and whether or not many of his cronies should be maintained on the job.

Allow us to show just how ridiculous this “unawareness” has become.

How is it that a person in charge of local and international spy agencies be unaware that those agencies are maintaining data on:

Foreign leaders and Heads-of-State as well as trade partners and enemies of commerce have been victims. An entire nation of people such as the citizens of the United States. Every ally and close war partner your nation has ever had such as the United Kingdom, almost all of central Europe – Germany, France, Spain, and selective information concerning the Baltic countries; China, Russia, nations comprising the Middle East, South America and Central America and of course, not wanting to admit it but have tooCanada.

Being quoted as saying that one is unaware of domestic or international spying, especially when one is Commander-in-Chief is simply nothing shy of unconscionable. Most say it is dereliction of duty; which is an impeachable offense, but what does that charge do to the ridiculous notion of political correctness?

Like it or not this unaware person who was ushered in as President just happens to be African American. Now before getting all riled up at me – let us all be AWARE and look to evaluate what he has done to the other blacks that have political aspirations? This alone brings me to my next point. Is the unawareness by this man and his underlings a planned strategy or just plain arrogance?

This is the very question that we have had since his shady election inclusive of ACORN and big unions. Take a moment and just look at what this person has been or claimed he has been unaware of happening.

Barack Obama has been quoted as saying he is unaware of operations surrounding Fast & Furious as well as being uniformed as to the situation regarding the development of nuclear weapons in Iraq. We doubt or anyone could try to convince us that Obama is oblivious of the losses ascertained by the Food Stamp program. And very likewise to that operation, Obama has been handed the report and supporting data that Head Start is and has been failing for years. So then what do we say about Benghazi, the IRS crisis, all of the underlings who profess to be unaware including Kathleen Sebelius, Hillary Clinton, and, should we mention the 4-star General’s you have scorned?

Now for Obama’s arrogance and pathological fabricating: This Affordable Care Act (Obamacare, Nat’l healthcare insurance) is just plain getting embarrassing not to mention humiliating. I would love to ask Barack Obama, “Hey Barack, have I ever done anything to embarrass you or yours?

My only discourse at this current time would be, “Man you are stinking up the world! As POTUS you must realize that what you do establishes a reaction toward us. Tone it down.”

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