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breaking newsBREAKING: The Obama administration is granting a six-week extension until March 31 for Americans to sign up for Obamacare and avoid penalties…compliments of Greta van Susteren.

Time to ask ourselves a few important questions. One, are we aware of the substantial changes that have happened to the American society? How well do you like them? I am going to try to keep this as clear and coherent as possible – you deserve that much.

We will get back to the to the reckless, negligent, and disregard for the American will, but first we need to identify some very humiliating standards we, as the American people, have allowed ourselves and welcome into the sorcery pit that goes by so many names.

First let us look at what we say to our children versus what we actually did concerning education. How many times we have heard, “Man, back in the day that I went to school we got a paddling for that kind of behavior…” Right! I am convinced that unless someone is over 70-years of age they are not telling their own truths. But then again – no argument from this side of the room.

We tell our children that they need a good education in life in order for them to succeed. Of course they are going to need a lot of money when it comes time for them to become political, business, entertainment/sports professionals.

Notice the apparitions in the crowd.

Notice the apparitions in the crowd.

How many other fabrications – or lies have we told these darling children? Truth be told if a person’s sole motivation for attending college is to make more money, well then statistically speaking, save your money and theirs because the latest data shows that those who enter collegiate life for the sake of money won’t last long and will have quit perhaps we know about it. It is a myth that we all bought into; now then if there are any other factors that may be influencing you child’s collegiate aspirations.

Education – here are some not oft told truths about America’s universities. To get back to your question about the origins and founding, here this is where the colleges were actually doing the local work they were founded to do. Baptists in Rhode Island established the College of Rhode Island (now Brown University) in order to supply an orthodox and well-trained ministry for themselves. It is also a fact that almost every Ivy League university received its founding and funding from religious entities.

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Dartmouth has an extraordinary Native American studies program – that Dartmouth had Native American students on its campus for two hundred years before the 1830s and 1840s. So the barrier was not just race.

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The mission of the earliest colleges — specifically Harvard, the College of William and Mary, and Yale – was actually to supply ministers, for two purposes: to supply religious leaders for the primarily British and to lesser extent European population in the colonies, but also to minister to the neighboring native nations.

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It is overwhelming important that we look into education, which some of the greatest assets were and their beliefs in the future of humankind was directly channeled through education. Yes indeed, when we refer to education on this site we are really addressing how humans came to depend on each other; how communities developed and were maintained; actually education involves the complete acculturation of man’s abilities in learning, knowledge, and according to Aristotle the rationalization of society. We start early during perhaps the greatest influence of Greek philosophy making its trek into Western civilization.

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