Obesity in the Government

Obesity in the Government

Impeach the bastardAs for us here at The Contemplative Thinker (’s) there are more issues, let me correct that – there are more heinous, obscene, and ridiculous issues that confront Americans every day then what any mainstream media organization has the overall ability to critically process and never a word gets reported.

However, if one were to focus on heinous issues, obscene outcomes, and truly ridiculous matters that we see everyday maybe just one or two people will catch on and start saying something about it – and if they tell their friends and their friends begin to talk openly, then we will have a bonafide “movement.”

If we take enough issues and pin-point the established reasoning; moreover, what someone in Congress thought would be better still, then lets amend the entire issue. What happen in the end of all such reasoning are chaos, corruption, crimes, and commotion.

Let us call them oxymorons. People in the mainstream-media want Americans to look directly at the obesity pandemic that apparently the country is suffering from. Can we please STOP for a moment and look at the size of our central government?

Ladies and gentlemen there are programs upon programs paid for by the U.S. taxpayers that not only make little sense; yet, we have found some programs that make no sense whatsoever. tyranny3

Of course there is Head Start. Some of the procedures that workers at Head Start programs would love to achieve are: Listening and Learning About Early Learning Tour – Early Childhood Initiative – Early Childhood Education Programs – Other Early Childhood Education Programs – Parent Programs Resources for Parents – Resources for Teachers and Administrators – and Research and Evaluations – Publications.

Sure this sounds great to anyone who reads it. However, one need to ask either at the local level – the actual grade level teachers is these programs are effective. If the programs are not effective why then are they being used, and are we paying for it? Or from a greater data pool consider if it is effective at all.

fat_person_in_boatAs President Obama gracefully has pledged to use only one test when determining which education programs to fund. “It’s not whether an idea is liberal or conservative,” Obama stated, “but whether it works.” HHS’s third-grade follow-up evaluation makes it unequivocally clear that Head Start fails that test.

So what is it that we can say? For starters the health care program known as ‘ObamaCare’ or The Affordable Care Act is beyond question one of the ingredients that will take down America. But do you think that first, Democrats even care and second, that given his up to date record of lying and fabricating the truth, that Obama is in the group that knows it will kill us – No!

Therefore at the cost of perhaps the USA experiencing its first ever default on any loan incurred, does it make sense to you that President Obama would refund Head Start for a newer, healthier direction.

One matter that I wanted to say earlier is why not call it what it really is – oddly when looking up at the paragraph as to what Head Start is supposed to do – is primarily what should be done in the home by dedicated parents.

Head Start is just another name for child daycare, eating and nutritional entitlements, another pay in – and pay out program for the government much the same as educational loans. Given the results of the data I question myself as to why anyone would consider this program as anything but archaic.

We will over the next several days be looking at some real ‘bottom of the barrel’ programs funded of course by the US government which as you know really means the US taxpaying citizen.



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