Dexter…it had to end…but how?

dexter_50308If there is anything that comes out from Hollywood, California that will be a measured response to one, how a show begins and two, how the show ends. I am hard pressed to find any show – at least in the dramatic arts category – that has ever been exulted or remotely praised with its ending.

Seriously now – I wonder if the bashing that show “Dexter” is taking albeit in the social media, message boards, and media reports, if anything notwithstanding – is at least fair.

It is however important to realize that Showtime’s Dexter series finale Sunday night became the network’s most-watched episode of any original series ever. (Click here for more information.)

Dexter had 2.8 million viewers at 9 p.m., up 13 percent from the season 8 premiere — and that is despite airing against the Emmys. The show’s final season ranks as its most watched, averaging 6.4 million viewers across all platforms.

Now we add in the realness factor and the lovability of the particular show – in this instance, “Dexter.” Walking down Memory Lane Dexter not only saved a cable television companies livelihood, even more had network television stations scheming, conniving, and laying out sums to somehow change Dexter to a more G-rated version so it could be featured on network television as well as cable television. In fact, CBS did follow through with this network siege.

Can anyone with a remotely steady mind remember the early seasons of Dexter when those individuals who did not have cable were making a real squawk about how could they get access to the show?  400px-BloodSlideBox1

This bashing of Dexter solidified the aspirations and any false hopes I may have placed in the original “Comments” that have now reduced themselves to banter or the attitude of, “I can definitely do it better than you did…” especially dealing with such complex subject matter as Dexter Morgan faced…daily.

Performing due-diligence whilst at the point of information gathering (website searches of which there are thousands) owning the complete collection and loving the series Dexter for the seven or more years, I think I could probably reach into netherland and pull up some kind of different ending. But please bear in mind that I would not be happy with it.  Moreover, it has rather solidified a once held altruism I’ve maintained — most people have something to say, regardless of the subject matter.

DexFurthermore, Dexter was almost a new genre to the television arts; moreover, how could anyone hate a guy who goes around collecting forensic as well as other evidence against those people who “got away with it…” then administered justice his own way fully remembering that in Florida – the death penalty is still used…regularly.

Logically to appease everyone the obvious answer to how to end the series would be the happy ending would have been Deb lives, Dexter goes to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison, then we see an adult Harrison in Miami carrying on the code, pulling up to a night club exactly like in the pilot and he recites the same monologue: “Tonight’s the night. It is going to happen again, and again. It has to happen.”

All very neat and tidy; however, not so much for the show Dexter. In an attempt to thank the writers for their realism and tact in written form as well as Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas, C.S. Lee, Desmond Harrington, and James Remar, never leaving out Aimee Garcia or Julie Benz for their acting in a precarious Showtime program.  The show lived with the changes made and the wonderful character development. Ostensibly overwhelming, the writers, actors, and entire crew showed how predicaments, growth, relationships, and changing can actually assist with a reality ending.  Thank you.




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