Obamacare Exchange Contractor being Investigation for Major Fraud

RadicalizationObamacare Exchange Contractor Target of Serious Fraud Investigation

Last week, The New York Times reported that the Obama Administration over the Independence Day holiday quietly awarded “a contract worth as much as $1.2 billion” to Serco, a British company, to help develop the federal insurance exchange. Now comes word from London that Serco is one of two companies under investigation by British authorities for overbilling government contracts.

After doing some relatively small due-diligence, we are of the understanding that people tend to quantify their meaningful relationships very much in the like-kind way. We did however prepare by reading everything available to us.

If one is in business with corrupt people then chances are greater that the person is going to collude with corruption in their business activities as well.

This piece is an adaptation from the original, written by Chris Jacobs who just “has it” for being an excellent writer and having the ability to convey meaning in words. Our main source for this article was at The Foundry, a blog operated by the Heritage Foundation.

America people – we need to get this through our hardened hearts and start doing something about our circumstances as a nation. The Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare, has been a pile of rubbish since it was the thought of those given to getting high.

Seriously, we believe that we actually saw the corruption of America going on before our very eyes. The Corn-husker deal with the state of Nebraska and it certainly doesn’t stop there. There were backdoor behind hhsthe scenes meetings going on everywhere; none that ever delivered anything remotely close to the pipe dream that our not so transparent President was selling like Kool aid to famished multitudes of people.

For goodness sake already, these unrelenting primarily Democrat politicians were constantly calling on a vote when no one knew what was in the bill – and now we’re all going to find out. That is to those who listen and want to learn.

Britain’s Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, made a statement in Parliament on Thursday about a “wholly indefensible and unacceptable state of affairs” and indicated that the over-charges may have begun nearly 15 years ago:

The audit team is at present confirming its calculations, but the current estimate is that the sums involved are significant and run into the low tens of millions of pounds in total, for both companies, since the contracts commenced in 2005. The audit shows that the overcharging began at least as far back as the commencement of the current electronic monitoring contracts in 2005. It might even date back as far as the previous contracts let in 1999.

It is extremely important to add that the Secretary for Housing and Human Services, Katherine Sebelius, has been at odds with the administration for a substantial matter of time.

Last year, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Katherine Sebelius announced her department could not implement the long-term care component of Obamacare. Financially, she said, it was simply not workable. And [in April] Sebelius announced that she was postponing a program designed to allow small businesses to offer more than one plan for their workers. Meanwhile, more than half the states have declined to set up a “health insurance exchange” under the burdensome terms and conditions of the law, leaving it to Washington to do it for them.

Even as the integrity of Serco’s contracting work has come into question in Britain, the Obama Administration could pay Serco billions to verify the integrity of individuals’ exchange applications. As the Times reported:

Serco will help the Obama administration and states determine who is eligible for insurance subsidies, in the form of tax credits, and who might qualify for Medicaid….Serco will also help the administration decide who is entitled to exemptions from the tax penalties that can be imposed on people who go without health insurance starting next year.

This billion-dollar contract represents a glaring contradiction in terms—a company under investigation for inaccurate, and potentially fraudulent, bills in Britain being asked to verify the accuracy of Americans’ applications for federal exchange subsidies. Particularly given that the Administration also announced it will rely on the “honor system” for individuals to self-report income to the exchanges next year, this development raises even more concerns about the potential for rampant fraud in Obamacare programs.



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  1. Lech Dharma says:

    From the corrupt legislative process of ObamaCare becoming the law of the land—against the will of the People, to the Supreme Court ruling on its Constitutional validity, to the forcing of the Catholic Church, as an employer, to adhere to its birth control mandates, to the refusal of some States to implement it, to the helter skelter handing out of employer exemptions, ObamaCare has been the biggest and most corrupt boondoggle in US History; and marked the end of the greatness of America.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Damn, I love your posts! They absolutely garner the truth as ugly as it might be. My hope is that when the bastard is finally gone that we will be able to repeal — with good leadership and straighten-out our great nation.



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