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Why are they laughing

Why are they laughing

The “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill (S. 744) currently being debated by the Senate would squash the jobs prospects and wages of the American working class, crush our already-struggling middle class, increase inequality, and trap many of the immigrants themselves in a welfare state roach motel. Other than that, it is a great idea. Yes…but for whom?

It is clear why progressives support S. 744. Their overarching goal is a bigger, more powerful government that will provide many prestigious, six-figure jobs for progressives. And, illegal immigrants have justly been referred to as “undocumented Democrats.” But why would any Republican vote for something like this?

And there you have it! These unbelievably, are some of the bigger reasons why the Congress and most all other elected officials are behaving in an unscrupulous manner. As for government – how is it possible that this government could get any bigger?

We have already been victimized by the size of our government. Does the notion of being spied on, your internet traffic, your emails, phone conversations, and images of you from the time you walk into your 031809_unamericanlocal grocery and leave only to walk home and being filmed in a multitude of angles with different lenses tell you that someone has got their eye on you.

For those of you who have been espousing, “racial profiling” because we think it is only fair that one be able to prove their citizenship status before a general election. Well news on the upbrief – we are all being profiled from the music we like to the toilet paper we use.

We have not a reasonable clue as to why any Republican would want this bill to pass. Furthermore, we cannot understand why any reasonable person – regardless of political posturing – would remotely want this bill to pass.

The current debate over immigration reform, the Republicans are once again earning their nickname, “The Stupid Party.” Frightened by the outcome of the 2012 elections and confused about what it would actually take to earn “the Hispanic vote.” Moreover, fearful of being called “racist” by racists on the political left, Republicans are in danger of being panicked into caving in on one of the most important issues facing the nation. But then again whoever thought that Congressional officials even thought about our nation.

Recently in a letter dated June 4, Senators Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Chuck Grassley, and Mike Lee explain why S. 744 would be bad for the nation. In fact, given that the law would be administered by a federal bureaucracy staffed by pro-illegal-immigration progressives, S. 744 would amount to little more than outright amnesty.

Education's failure on display

Education’s failure on display

S. 744 would also constitute an open invitation for even more people to come to America illegally, so that they could get the benefit of the next amnesty. This is no idle concern. S. 744 is simply a replay of the 1986 Simpson-Mazzolli law, which gave legal status to America’s (then) 3 million illegal immigrants in return for promises that the border would be secured and the immigration laws would be enforced. Yet, 27 years later, here we are with another 11 million illegal immigrants, and another amnesty being considered, with promises of a secure border six months by proportion of illegal is detained.

Republicans must “just say no” to S. 744 and anything resembling it. Then they must seize the initiative on the immigration issue by demanding fairness for “The 96.5 Percent,” the people that are here legally.

There is a glaring economic fact that is being overlooked in the debate over immigration reform. The moment that an immigrant enters the U.S., she or she imposes a cost on America of up to $156,000.

This cost is undeniable, because it is merely the other side of the benefit that motivates immigrants to come here in the first place. Of course there will be more tomorrow, Lord willing. We have a passion toward asylum and refugees that we believe needs some attention also. This is what we were promised in 2008!




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