Hollywood, Iran on voting, the Congressional Black Caucus

aHwoodObamaMoney-Thumb4Interesting to come up with the figures, yet how many of you believed that the Presidency of Barack H. Obama would have the kind of investigations, scandals, and other ugly rubbish going on within the Obama administration.

Now if you don’t mind just because it’s Friday and all of us do have some issues we’d like, or better still, be honored to discuss with you. First this President and the sobering affects he literally used to swindle the swindler’s. Second, how about an expose on voting? And taking the more realistic turn, third let’s take a look at the NAACP.

Can we come to a consensus about how Barack Obama used those who’s who of Hollywood to either be linked-up with the Fabricator-of-Filth or dare I say, used for their mutually gained “I’m cool and so are you” belongingness.

I remember as though it was yesterday the weeks that were for photo opts only and then who would come to their Facebook page and actually support the bull squat not only what he’d already done…nah, these opts were for do me twice – Obama Two.

I literally thought some of my quasi-acquaintances, quasi-celeb-friends, and some of the “Elites” would never have stood to do what they did and glowingly autographed the photographs with each one either in the East Room, or lounging a bit in the Blue Room, or trying to be cool somewhere near the South Portico. How do they each feel now?


Iranian authorities on Tuesday announced the approval of eight candidates who will be allowed to compete in the June 14 presidential election. The Guardian Council, which vetted the candidates, made sure that Iran’s next president will be a pliable servant of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Six of the eight remaining presidential candidates are closely linked to the Supreme Leader. The frontrunner appears to be Saeed Jalili, a longtime adviser to Khamenei who now serves as Iran’s negotiator on theiranian-flag nuclear issue. Jalili is an uncompromising revolutionary who lost a leg in the Iran–Iraq war. A western diplomat noted that Jalili “specializes in monologue”—not dialogue.
Other prominent hard-line candidates include Tehran Mayor Mohammad Qalibaf, former Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati, and former Revolutionary Guard commander Mohsen Rezai.

Two centrists were also allowed to run: Hassan Rowhani, an ally of Rafsanjani, and Mohammad Reza Aref, who served as vice president under former President Mohammad Khatami. Both of them will be sure to mute their criticism of the hard-line establishment candidates. After all, Mir Hossain Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi, reformist candidates who protested the 2009 rigged elections, are still under house arrest.

The election will have little impact on the issues that Washington is most concerned about: Iran’s nuclear program, terrorism, and hostile foreign policy. All of these policies are set by the Supreme Leader, who has the final say on all important issues in Iran.

Khamenei also controls the election process, as has been made clear once again this week. Six of the eight presidential contenders are closely associated with him. Iran’s next president will be determined far more by his selection than through a genuine election.

Have you ever wondered what others’ may be saying about our archaic elections.


Remember when the Congressional Black Caucus was all over the Republicans “suppressing” the minority vote? Looks like they were the guilty party! So when Obama brought in the UN to “monitor” our elections, you know what they took away from it.

They found no suppression at all, BUT they were shocked by the fact that there was no VOTER ID and questioned how the election could be fair. Go figure. A little side note; Soros just dropped another million on the NAACP to gear up for 2014. Someone, anyone, whomever…what is not discriminatory about a Black Caucus.


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