Congress and their suffering approval rating…

US Immigration ReformLast week, Gallup asked Americans if they approve of the job that Congress is doing. Not surprisingly, only 16% said they did. Yesterday’s vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sen. Jeff Sessions’ amendment to reduce the legal immigration levels proposed in the Gang of Eight’s bill is a prime example of why that support is so low.

Every member of the committee besides Sen. Sessions voted against the amendment. In essence that is a vote of 1/17 or 0.058 percent of one. In order to make this completely real and accurate the Gallup results support that less than 1/100th of a penny is the favorable percentage of at least Senator Jeff Sessions’ amendment to try to improve the amounts of legal immigrants allowed within the first decade of the Eight’s legislation.

So what do you think a very mild mannered investigative journalist would do when confronted with this kind of reported data? Insofar as the majority of us here at TCT knew something was


up and we have prepared and over-prepared with our information gathering and research.

The Gang of Eight’s bill would grant 33 million green cards in the first 10 years if enacted. Sen. Sessions’ amendment would reduce that number to 23 million.

However, let’s be transparent here, unlike some of those involved with government. Under current law, the U.S. would grant about 11 million green cards in the next decade, so Sen. Sessions was still offering to DOUBLE the current level, and no one went along.

How many are there of you that believe that there is a disconnect between Congressional members and the U.S. public as a whole – and not just with immigration reform – but also rather just about in all matters.

“After two weeks of “markup,” Senators have done little more than prove to the public that we critics have been right all along about what this immigration legislation would turn out to be.

As amended, this bill virtually assures that Congress will be considering demands for the next amnesty in just a few years” this was the sentiment brought forth by Roy Beck, President and founder of NumbersUSA.

During a long period of research we are not so sure that Congress’s approval rating is that so disproportionate with the American people. Additionally, we do have some (including moi) that believe that the majority of congressional officials don’t care about public policy, autonomy, and anything that resembles sovereignty.

300px-Capitol_Building_Full_ViewThis is an OUTRAGE! The people that some vote into office are supposed to be looking out after our best interests – insofar as our property and the rights to enjoy them. One year ago in 2012 the Congressional approval rating dropped 10 percent twice. The only other time in U.S. history that indicates such low approval ratingwhite house numbers is around the middle and late 1970s.

However, it has been made abundantly clear through this website that these very people are more into the “rights taking away group,” than otherwise. Just look around you – research clearly indicates that illegal immigration is 60 percent blatantly disregarding America’s rule of law; whilst the other 40 percent is with those international students who just don’t tend to their prearranged agreements.

So as for now I am totally sickened by what wants to be considered as leadership of this nation. Folks from top to bottom, starting with our not so coveted White House that looks as though it will survive the barrage of missiles in the form of Benghazi-gate, AP Press-gate, with other assorted people who are vying for the next White House or Congressional houses still lying through their teeth first to themselves, then for whomever will listen to their chicken—sheeit.


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