FOUNDING FATHERS QUOTES FRIDAY Liberty, Rights, Freedom, and the Opposite…

We the People
Founding Fathers Quotes Friday on Liberty, Rights, Freedom, and the Opposite…

Have you ever gone around shirking any kind of resemblance to a quiz, test, or other big jargon like an exam when it comes down to what it is that we know in and from the U.S. Constitution? So many of us simply take it for granted that the Constitution is really the preamble “We the People”, in conjunction with those first ten or so amendments. Believe it or not, that is remarkably what it states about the importance of Americans Founding Documents for the Naturalization Test or basically any of the websites that offer quizzes.

As far as we are concerned there are three rudimentary questions that must be addressed if we are to survive as a people – a nation.

1 – Why is America so unique in world history; 2 – Why the Constitution (and the underlying principles on which it is based) enabled America to become the freest, most prosperous nation in history; and 3 – Why the key to making America great again is to restore the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

To do this, “We the People” must elect a government that will respect rather than violate or ignore the Constitution. Subsequently the only way to make this happen is if the American peopletyranny2 learn about and understand the Constitution, and it underlying principles of individual rights and limited government.

There are many, many sites available that will openly encourage each of us to take a small quiz. The Pew Research Center, the International Scholastic Institute, and of course, the Naturalization Test that regardless we ask each of you to at least take a look at what real dumbing-down is and consequently grade inflation.

There are many institutions that actively teach the Principles of the Constitution as well as American heritage which are so critical to preserving liberty in America.

We are fully convinced that the only way to counter the assault on the Constitution and to restore liberty in America is to educate American citizens and our elected leaders on the Constitution and its underlying principles.

There is a reason that the Founders debated and went through the ratification process to ensure we had a Constitution. The principle reason is that the Constitution does not allow the government to do what it wants – a reason that it established a federal government with specific, enumerated powers. That reason is to ensure that the federal government does what it must to preserve liberty, and does not become tyrannical.

The Constitution does not authorize Congress to create the massive bureaucracy today that results in a fourth branch of government. And with the passage and enactment of Obamacare, that branch will grow even larger.

judicialwatch-3The Founders understood the need for a Constitution to limit the power of the federal government to protect civil and religious liberty. It is well-known today that if our political leaders actually followed the Constitution, one estimate suggests that the federal government would be about one-third the size it is now.

Furthermore, most of the day-to-day governing in America would take place at the state and local level. Instead our leaders are ignoring or actively opposing the limits on government established by the Constitution, literally enslaving future generations with unsustainable debt.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans today don’t even know what the Constitution says – which is why America is in such dire straits. Most Americans have never even read our Declaration of Independence, which sets forth the principles of liberty and limited government more clearly than any document ever written.


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