If you have the availability here are some outstanding reads…

If you have the availability here are some outstanding reads…


Michael Savage on 4 Generals: Obama fired 4 generals to cover up Benghazi… We are certainly of the opinion – much the same as the writer, The Mad Jewess – that there is far more at issue with Benghazi-gate than the mainstream media is reporting. Mind you however, CBS is doing a good job as well.

DEM SENATORS AND MODERATES BLOCK BORDER SECURITY AMENDMENT TO IMMIGRATION BILL This piece of business has prompted us to publish this poll. Please we ask that you be as honest and appropriate as possible whilst taking the poll. Thanking you in advance!

One Down, Nine to Go: The Uncontested Death of the Bill of Rights

“Transparency” Dem’s Embarrass Themselves In Benghazi Hearings   


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