What is there being reformed, it sure isn’t Illegal Immigration

Obama-5-8-12We have had this notion that after years of writing and far more than 1,500 articles addressing the subject there is absolutely nothing that is being reformed…especially illegal immigration. We can evaluate what currently is going on in Washington by whatever “Gangs” an unscrupulous President who far more enjoys taking new laws into his hands, the entire executive branch of government – with special notice given to the Department of Homeland Security.

Within the DHS they literally have several different departments that should be working harmoniously and together at a particular goal. However, in reality what we have are members (Heroes) of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE) bringing charges against the U.S. government for nothing other than the lack of being able to do their jobs.

At the same time in the same department or the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are taking pay cuts, car pooling to work, and hoping to make this month’s mortgage payment. And just so we know, they are all facing a mandatory 18 day furlough in the near future. These are normally the officers that either are murdered by aliens or somehow or another get jailed for using their weapons. Trying to put this into an organizational chart is horrendous! Next we have the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) it is very easy to mistake the USCIS with the USICE. So the USCIS is the branch that issues visas, green cards, barks at cyber wars, is supposed to be accountable for student visas and the daunting U.S. Citizenship Exam.

 Reform is basically the process of improving a system by the removal of outdated, ineffective, or unjust qualities. Reform is the process of correcting a situation that is wrong or unfair, or is a process that makes a system run more effectively.

Having established the definition of reform, someone, or anyone, please explain to us where reform is the justifiable amnesty of 12 million or more illegal immigrants? How does college tuition, ostensibly Obama-Lies-SCcatering to illegal’s considered reform? How does a pathway to citizenship equal reform?

What we have are a group of Senators and the Representatives who follow them and ALL following a mentally disabled person who stated in the first year of his presidency, “…what we have is an inactive federal government on matters of immigration and naturalization…” Let’s make this clear — they certainly aren’t concerned or even curious about what we want.

Right there is what needs reforming – the inactive federal government. Pursuant to the U.S. Constitution it is the charter of the legislative branch of government to make and set policies for immigration and naturalization – nowhere does it say anything about citizenship or amnesty.

But I think something else is very much at play here. There is on the right a generic feeling that America is becoming “something else,” a country different socially and culturally than the America that was founded and fought for especially of their childhoods. Whether they worry about a failure to assimilate or a cultural shift in the fabric of America, they seem perpetually on defense as the country morphs in new and unexpected ways. Liberals say this is simply racism, but I think the vast majority of immigration opponents aren’t bigots. What does race have to do with illegal immigration reform? And these are the elites?

The essence of America, a country that is always changing and reinventing itself ideally within the rule of law. Each generation is different than the last, and we are unmistakably becoming a more diverse society racially, socially and ethnically, or this is certainly what the State Department has aspired for the USA insofar as diversity lotteries and the like.

The tie that binds us all together is not ethnicity or race but rather a set of ideals. Conservatives who venerate the Constitution should understand that and that its principles are applicable and embraceable by people who come from every corner of the globe; that is, as long as the Constitution is being used in the formation and reformation process which it clearly is not.

And there will be those who view reform as a threat to the GOP and endangering the essence of America. In fact, opposing immigration reform is becoming an acute danger to those who want it the most – not including the politicians in Washington. Immigration reform’s success will prove once again that the ideals contained in the Declaration and the Constitution are not for one time or one people but rather are universal and timeless. Now that would be a conservative accomplishment.


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