Boy Scouts…what chance to they have..?



Right now, multitudes of current and former Scouts, adult Scouters and their families and friends are contacting the Boy Scout executives and board members and telling them, in so many words, to man up. For over 100 years, BSA has taught boys how to be men. Now, those in top executive roles are being told this is their chance to exemplify genuine manhood. Not by demonstrating knot-tying, rappelling, or first aid. But by being real men – who do the right thing on the battlefield of life, even if it costs them dearly.

Because the truth is, it is going to hurt – a lot – either way. But then, this is the fate of all noble people, organizations, and causes in today’s America. We are at war, friends. Not a shooting war, but one of conflicting worldviews, which ultimately boils down to the battle between fidelity to God’s laws versus the prideful rebellion against His laws.

You Scout executives: When the battle is over and your wounds are being tended to, will you be able to hold your heads up high? Will you stand up for the oath tens of millions of Scouts have sworn over the last 100 years, to be “physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight”? Or will you side with activists who detest you, who couldn’t care less about whether the organization you head continues to exist or not, who have been suing you for years, and for whom conquering the Boy Scouts is just another notch in their belt?

Remember, in the film “Braveheart,” the hero, Scottish patriot-warrior William Wallace didn’t want war. He wanted to get married, have a family, raise some crops, enjoy life, and mind his own business. But evil has a abraveheart way of not wanting to let us do that, and sometimes we are drawn into battle whether we want it or not. (Further reading, click here.)

SirWWMoreover, most Boy Scout units – around 70 percent – are sponsored by churches and faith-based organization like the Southern Baptist Convention. Fred Luter, the SBC’s current president, put it this way to the Baptist Press:

“If that is what the leadership is doing, then I think it will be a sad day in the life of the Boy Scouts of America. … To now see this organization that I thought stood on biblical principles about to give in to the politically correct thing is very disappointing.”

The bottom line, says Luter, whose Baptist organization represents 16 million members and more than 45,000 churches, is that the Boy Scouts will “lose a whole lot of our support.” In fact, he says, Southern Baptist churches will have no choice but to cease supporting the Boy Scouts of America.

Recently we wrote a couple of articles dealing with
The Epidemic of Disrespect in America and at the mention of “politically correct” as Mr. Luter the Southern Baptist Convention current president it does leave me with a few questions of our own.

First, when it comes to advocacy groups or more specifically, those groups who are trying like crazy to do away with a 100 year old organization that wrote its rules, policies, and governing principles. This reeks of self-biased excrement. I am positive that this organization did not start by any compromise. In other words — go start your own!

Second, if it came down to what Mr. Luter announces as “…a sad day for BSA” that would be to assume that these various groups have the power over 70 percent of the BSA’s money. Third, if the BSA is in fact an organization and wants to live in the fidelity to God’s laws versus the prideful rebellion against His laws then say “No compromise!”

Fourth and this is two-fold: What in the world gives advocacy groups such power over other more sophisticated organizations; and, how could the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee even suggest that the SBC would support a way of life out of the ways of its foundation with God?


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