Vive la France!


French leaders, once poised to pass a same-sex marriage bill, are meeting opposition to their efforts.

An estimated 350,000 proponents of marriage rallied near the Eiffel Tower last Sunday, urging the government to retain marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The protest was one of France’s largest in decades, according to news outlets.

A multi-faith coalition including Christians, Jews, and Muslims are protesting the move to redefine marriage.French-protest

The effort is a troubling move for the country, which is facing its own deteriorating marriage culture. Redefining marriage would intensify the confusion plaguing France over the purpose and public nature of marriage.

The rallying cries in France, much like in America, are turning the discussion to the needs of children, not just the desires of adults.

Government recognizes marriage because it is an institution that is fundamental to society’s stability. Government—whether French or American—should not obscure the truth about marriage by accepting a revisionist view of marriage, which sees marriage as primarily about emotional bonds or legal privileges. In redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships, government would weaken marital norms, which would further delink childbearing from marriage and hurt spouses and children—especially the most vulnerable. It would deny a mother or father to a child as a matter of policy. Citizens would also lose more of their freedom of religion and conscience.

Sadly, reports indicate that the French government is ignoring the people’s voice, insisting that it will move ahead with their proposal to introduce legislation this month in hopes of passage in June.

As France debates marriage, America is having its own legal and cultural debate about marriage in the shadow of the Supreme Court’s consideration of the issue.

We proudly salute the French people who have come to the realization that in order to establish and maintain society the sense of children and their needs are far more important than the wanton desires of adults. It appears that the French are living within the world of the great minds, thinkers, and philosophers that have been the topic of study for collegiate coursework here in the USA.

In addition, the multi-faith approach including Christians, Jews, and Muslims are demonstrating their true freedom of religion and conscience rather than have a hedonistic and money grubbing spend thrift government making the decisions for them.

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6 Responses to Vive la France!

  1. If you want to use French, JP, it is “Vive la France”. Hooray for France would be Hourra pour la France.

    I got the number 800,000 from the organisers. It appears they exaggerate by a factor of two.

    And- everyone benefits from the equalisation of marriage. It is God’s will. So, I thank God for it, and say, “Vive la France” because President Hollande will proceed with his legislation. Just like Mr Cameron will, very soon.


    • Jon-Paul says:


      Interestingly you are the only individual who has said anything to my “Viva le France” although we have received numerous kudos and praises for using the original title. I will, on behalf of TCT, take the rubbish you are clearly dishing out. For example, “If you want to use French, JP, it is “Vive la France”. Hooray for France would be Hourra pour la France.” One could easily say that you are completely unaware of what I successfully conveyed to my audience; consequently, one could also say, “…JP, it is ‘Vive la France'” on whose authority? Adding over 500,000 (five hundred thousand) with the intentions of trying to communicate that I somehow was using false numbers is nonesense.

      Please explain to me Clare how is it that everyone benefits from same-sex marriage? Any person who reads the Bible regularly is well informed as to what God’s will is regarding same-sex marriage. Again, you espouse as though you are the ultimate authority in all matters French as well as to God’s will. Cheers!


      • I see you have changed the title. I think you were right the first time.


        • Jon-Paul says:


          Yup! After considerable debate — whereas a person can please some of the people some of the time, but a person can’t please everyone ALL OF THE TIME. Yet, at least I can strive because we want our readers to feel valued and appreciated. Any and all people are different — NO TWO PEOPLE ARE THE SAME. We here at TCT prefer challenging and lively debate. Furthermore, you have no idea whatsoever what I personally am capable of or otherwise. All I can say is — that you have the debate tactics of a person that we, in our nation would call, A LIBERAL; and for me, I have never met a liberal who could debate a topic; they either will try and change topics, or say something way, way off track very much like assessing a person’s intellect, and assuming (without knowing the person) what he or she is capable of or not. How I value humankind is far beyond the scope of your ability. Cheers!


  2. Mmm. The imperative is “Vive” in French. The organisers lied that they had 800,000: the police estimated the number at 340,000. Integrity matters, you know.

    Thank God for the UK and Spain, then. And France will follow eventually.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Clare Flourish:

      I am not certain if I understand your reply – then again I don’t profess to be smarter or more intelligent than the next person over. I am just now studying and learning the langauge of the French; subsequently, I am at the mercy of various digital translators. Actually I requested “Hoorah and hurray” from where the imperative is used in the title. Further to that I also used “Viva and Vive” and three translators gave celebritory hurrays and hoorahs for both sets used. I am certain that you did not get the number 800,000 from anything in my article; and just for the sake of it all, if I understand your comment or your writing I agree wholeheartedly with you that Ingegrity matters. Therefore, why would someone supporting same-sex marriage to the detriment of cultural norms, and society – Thank God?

      Great comment and thanks for the true brain massage! Cheers!



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