This is about Illegal Immigration, not the Immigrant

This is about Illegal Immigration, not the Immigrant

A new poll from Gallup found that 62% of Americans think stopping illegal immigration should be a top priority for Pres. Obama’s second term, while only 37% think providing a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million illegal aliens should be a top priority. The poll questioned 1,000 Americans from Nov. 9-12 and asked them to rate 12 different issues ranging from the economy to military spending to immigration to the environment. (See NumbersUSA for source documentation and further reading, click here.)

Since last week’s elections, Members of Congress from both parties have been calling for renewed efforts in Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that would provide an amnesty for illegal aliens. On Wednesday, Pres. Obama told the White House press corps during his first press conference since winning re-election that he expects consideration of an amnesty bill to start “very soon” after his inauguration.

The Gallup survey also found that 29% of Americans think that passing an amnesty shouldn’t be a priority at all, while only 14% think stopping illegal immigration shouldn’t be a priority.
82% of Republicans think that stopping illegal immigration should be a top priority; only 25% of Republicans thinking passing an amnesty should be a top priority. Fewer than 50% of both Democrats and Independents think that passing a mass amnesty should be a top priority.

Having 62 percent approval rating for stopping illegal immigration in our own country, why do you suppose that the Obama Administration would still be looking at an Amnesty Bill? One would think that less than 30 percent approval in public policy terms would be enough to warn anyone that the decision they are trying to make is not going to be a wholly received decision; moreover, one should be asking themselves and others, “…what about the other 62 percent..?”

Unless the Republican Party decides to roll over completely on this issue, to include going against the will of the American people, giving away something that is not theirs to give away, the same hold true with Barrack Obama. In short someone, anyone please explain to us what is the logic behind 11 million or so illegal’s breaking the U.S. rule of law and being rewarded for it?

Not to be misunderstood here but what we are looking for is a legitimate reason to grant amnesty – if only to those who came over as a result of their parents’ indiscretion. From a starting point for this notion to even be considered there must be some kind of action from the person who is here illegally to even be considered eligible for amnesty.

We have proposed in brief how we believe that the illegal parents who caused this ridiculous matter and the billions of dollars to be spent ought to leave the country. We further believe that any relation to the immigrant through compassion, or diplomatic means, who is here illegally, ought to be deported after they have been asked to leave.

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