Yes, I would be remiss if I stated anything but the real tenor around the offices of THE CONTEMPLATIVE THINKER; however, make no mistake about it – if it weren’t for moments such as the Debates – where a person could feel normal and understand that it is not just our staff that has been moving in all directions, trying to act busily which is really perceived as acting frantically.

One could be on the beat so to speak, not caring about our nation or the disgusting way the principles within the Obama Administration have been behaving. Yet, when I think of seething my mind immediately races to boiling over, bubbling, with foaming or frothing with furious enragement.

Even as an example when one’s president is skirting the law of the land, literally stomping everyone in Congress as well as the Judiciary, abusing the separation of powers acts, so that in order to achieve the issues he wants to be remembered by – or for his pitiful legacy – this is one person who couldn’t for a lifetime have asked, wished, and hoped for a better position to be in.

Rather than carpe diem and literally seizing the day to become “that person” who leads the way as did his predecessors did such as a man referred to as York, who literally befriended and provided entertainment to some very hostile Indians; moreover, York provided sustenance for the explorers with his renowned hunting and fishing capabilities. Yes this is the same York who worked for Mr. William Clark and set out during 1803 with his explorer friend Meriwether Lewis and the men these two brought together for the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

It is our hope of all hopes that we – the very capable staff here at THE CONTEMPLATIVE THINKER, will be able to share what is so little known of the Black contributions made in our country. And to think we thought and hoped you’d be of their character.

Yes it is so that Barack Obama had a coveted, meaningful place in history. What he could have accomplished in such a fraction of the time he held office could have been a legacy of greatness; unequaled by anyone, written almost as scripture. Rather, what we got instead was an egocentric maniac who would not allow himself to be wrong; although wrong he was especially when dealing with American folks and our very own free exercise of religion rights, freedom to say what it is that we want to say with conscious of course, and above all – siding with the will of the people, rather than going to extremes for what is and will always be inevitably wrong.

Obamacare is just one such issue; at the actual time of Congressional voting greater than 59 percent of the voting populace did not want Obamacare to become law. Now what we’re wondering is that apparently all of the bribes, pay-outs, quid pro quos including earmarks indeed paid for Congressional votes in order to pass. (CLICK to read more...)



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