Write, write, write, and pass these words around; moreover, from every blog or honorable truth seeking media source we all must commit ourselves to reading. Folks enough has been stated to last a lifetime – and believe it or not this is where we have the most difficulty.

America, the nation who is normally out bringing innovations including Space shuttle technology, star wars, at first the atomic bomb, then on to nuclear devices, and we say this with great concern – these tests with nuclear devices have brought about changes in energy production and consumption; along with NASA’s competitive space exploration prowess has certainly assisted in defining who and what America is about. And even if the inspiration comes from a person who is not an American citizen, this is definitely within the parameters of the American Dream.

However and rather nonsensically America is not what she used to be. Mind you these changes, however little or huge they can assume the need of the best and the brightest in order to develop them properly. Now hear this: the education woes in this country will never cease as long as someone received a cabinet position as a ‘gift.’

And the same holds true for the other cabinet positions and those lifted into lofty positions either as a gift or favor. The United States now has approximately 46 million people on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program or SNAP. To be sure the word “SNAP” carries a positive connotation. If one were to visit the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) it is pointed out that SNAP is just another identifier for food stamps.

As a slight case study we choose Texas as the state we’d want to look at for many reasons most notable are; weather, demographics, quality of life, and the state’s problem with illegal immigration. The following is but a paragraph on the opening page:

“HHSC gives SNAP benefits through the Lone Star Card. This is a plastic card that is used like a credit card at the cash register to pay for purchases. Each month, the family’s approved monthly SNAP amount is placed in the card’s account.”

Since none of us live in Texas and given its unique variants we went to the ‘pick-a-state-start-page.’ We only have one or two credible matters that struck us immediately from the Frequently Asked Questions page.

First was the question that dealt with – “Will this interfere with my Green Card, permanent residency status, or my path to citizenship?” This intrigued us insofar as these questions are a direct response to those questions received. Therefore we believe that this program is part of magnetic field created by America’s entitlement programs.

The other matter is of greater concern to us. We doubt that there is anyone situate in this country right now that can, with a clear conscience, say that America has not changed in the past four years! We’ll start some of the ludicrous means, methods, and motives that this Barack Obama is literally to blame for America’s inaction. (Emphasis added, wording Obama’s). Starting from the top – Obama darn near gave his acceptance speech to a European audience when ostensibly he couldn’t travel to Berlin, Germany fast enough.

Secondly, as we’ve got many reasons to believe that we are not the only people who subscribe to this notion: secondly, “the around-the-world-American-Apology-tour” deluxe with all of that preposterous bowing. Contrary to many beliefs, Obama’s first action as the POTUS was to sign an Executive Order authorizing birth control medicines, doctors, and aid stations around the world at the American taxpayers’ expense.

Whilst this should have been a precursor to the actions of the Obama Administration, consider the following information. The sickest irony amidst the euphoria of the inauguration of America’s first black President is that one of Obama’s very first actions in office will be to ensure that millions more black babies are aborted in third world countries, with American taxpayers picking up the tab. Obama’s executive order will pass almost exactly 36 years to the day since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion.

Abortion groups that will enjoy a fresh injection of American taxpayers’ money will include the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia and the Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia.

And finally for this article, on this day, we wish to close with issuing a challenge to you – our readers – in a renowned nation of accomplishment, fortitude, and ethics are you able to pick a time or instance where the Obama Administration has clearly come below the mark?


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