Famed comedian, actor, and quite the scholar, Dennis Miller issues a strong warning regarding what America would look like under four more years of Barack Obama as the nation’s president. We here at TCT like to believe that we are a group of level headed people who by the grace of God have been gifted with various talents albeit in academia, education, experience, and the ability to try.

We have been in the same circumstances as mostly everyone else in this country in the last four years; however, one of our most pronounced gifts is that of memory. Lie or misspeak to us once, and then come clean with the whole entire truth will earn a person here a forgiveness and soon to be forgotten.

Yet at the same time lie to us more than once – habitually, with pathological connotations – or try to fool us twice and all respect, loyalty, and dignity will be lost for the rest of time. Oh sure, it sounds rough but we will always find the forgiveness for those who ask; however, we are not inclined to forget.

Just an issue very quickly and we’ll be on our way. In January 2009 when Barack Obama actually was sworn in as the President of the United States, everyone, or so it seemed, was supportive and there wasn’t the tale of “What has matured in the D.C. Swamp…” We all loved the promises of transparency, bills being displayed before the public prior to voting, and at least for most of us here, we had around 30 percent more funds that went by the wayside with TARP and the American Recovery and Reinvestment program, otherwise known as the stimulus.

We will not speak for anyone else regarding these issues; however, between Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and a few others Hoyer, Cummings, Cardin, make me feel as though I need to wash-up anytime they’re involved with anything. Better still would be to come out and admit I feel the need for a shower is not the preferred way anyone should feel when addressing their nation’s leadership!


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