Obama…Blamer-in Chief

Obama…blamer-in chief

Barack Obama has become America’s blamer-in-chief. He and his administration spent last weekend blaming the explosion of violence against America in the Middle East on a moronic anti-Muhammad video that’s been on YouTube for months.

His United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice made the rounds of the Sunday morning news shows, where she made an absolute idiot of herself. How many times is this false leader going to continue to lie to you, me, and the American people?

President Barack Obama definitely walks by the beat of a different drummer – the saddest notion behind all of it is this: If things don’t go his way, then wait a few days, and each one of his political lies will change at someone’s expense.

Apparently auditioning for the secretary of state job in — God forbid — a second Obama administration, Rice insisted that the “spontaneous” Islamic rage that killed our ambassador in Libya and three other Americans was caused not by the failures of her boss but by an amateur movie made by some nut in California.

This tragic episode once again proves that the incompetence of this president is not limited to the home front, where the economy stagnates and deficits and gas prices soar.

In the Middle East, Obama and his Chicago Gang have confused our friends and emboldened our enemies with a foreign policy that has been a mix of ineptness, appeasement, and naiveté.

Remember when Obama boasted in Cairo that the Muslim world was going to fall in love with the USA because it had just elected a president who had generations of Muslims in his ancestry?
Boy, the Muslims in Libya and Egypt sure have a strange way of showing their love for America.

Obama’s cowering reaction to the Middle East crisis — and his refusal to man-up and act like the president of the United States — begs the question: “What would Ronald Reagan do?” When the Marine barracks were blown up in Lebanon in 1983, Ronald Reagan didn’t blame it on anyone else.

He accepted responsibility for the Marines dying. But he also used the event to come on TV and talk to the American people and explain why it was so important for us to be in the Middle East.

What did this president do when our invaluable Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens was assassinated in a well-planned attack by Muslim extremists? He went to Vegas for a fundraiser event and made another political speech.

Being president of the United States is not about being a good guy to play hoops with, or to have a cold beer with — it’s about being able to take a position of leadership when trouble comes.
It means standing up for American values like the freedom of speech, not apologizing for them. And it means standing up for our policies in the Middle East, not throwing them overboard whenever they are challenged.

President Obama is a glaring sign of the absolute weakening of America. You might call what he has been doing “The Wussification of the White House.”

Mr. President, when trouble came our way, we soldiers manned up. It’s time for you to do the same. “Let’s roll.”

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