Politicians have Self-Interest too, but Ethics seem to be a problem…Part II

Politicians have Self-Interest too, but Ethics seem to be a problem…Part II

When James Madison began his studiously prepared dossier on “Government’s, Ancient & Confederacies” (this was the title of his working papers) for debate at the Philadelphia Convention where and when he first presented is talking points in the form of a memorandum most often referred to as “the vices of the U.S. political system” it literally from here that Madison began his charge in forming the reformation of the Articles of Confederation and to begin the form of republican government.

It is through these some-odd ten points from his memorandum “the vices of the Political System of the U.S” that Madison was able to put forth the notion of reforming the Articles of Confederation. However, whilst in delivering his talking points Madison also fielded questions regarding state governments, as well as the entirety of the federalist government that was in place.

It was certainly through this process that Madison and so many of the others in attendance, became aware of many things concerning the need to get to Congress some “coercive powers” including the use of the military in order to assist the federal government in recouping monies lent out to the states during the Revolutionary War and shortly thereafter.

Sure it was during this time that several of the diplomats became aware of how little power the Congress had. This proved to be the very tip of the iceberg of Madison’s thinking, moreover, his observations. After delivering his ten point memorandum the participants were held by their own silence.

And it was also during the earliest part of the 55-Days at Philly that Madison became aware of what he referred to as “the vices of the Constitution.” Consequently, through this entire process of preparing, delivering, and espousing his views that Madison became aware of human nature. We will openly discuss in writing Madison’s theories on humankind which in a matter of his lifespan became all to real.

Interestingly the segue from where we last left off was in the ideas of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and how every company, business, and almost every individual is held accountable by utilizing GAAP; with the exception of course of the U.S. government and several of the states.

First things first however – there are many ways to keep honest books and, of course, and infinite number of ways to keep dishonest ones. It was therefore extremely important that all companies kept their dishonest books to a certain standard so that when compared, it would present a company’s true financial position. And again the second stipulation was the understanding and need for independent accounting agencies to inspect those books. This is also something that the U.S. government does not subscribe too.

Now then…if only for a moment you could think about the amount of money the U.S. government has at its beckon-call, without the very procedures used by every company in the U.S.A. and as espoused by Madison in his era, politicians were far too interested in cooking the books for self-interests and other reasons that to this day the U.S. government continues to commit accounting fraud on a humongous scale. In all sincerity, this is precisely why the government both federally, and within the states, are in financial crisis today.

Please have a look at Michelle Malkin’s article produced for her column (Creator’s Syndicate) and the benefit of her blogosphere that deals with nothing shy of the culture of corruption that has landed in DHS; it is called The Liberal Sisterhood of the Plundering Hacks and of course the greatest thing about Ms. Malkin’s articles, books, and so forth is that she has the goods and names names.

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