What about Afghanistan,,?

At least 1,960 U.S. service personnel have been killed in Afghanistan over the course of the 11-year war. Casualties rose steadily each year before reaching a peak in 2010 when 492 personnel were killed. There has been a slight decrease in casualties since then, with 398 killed in 2011, and at least 218 so far this year. Even with the downward trend in deaths, however, one U.S. soldier has been killed every day this year on average. July has been the deadliest month of 2012 for U.S. troops, with 40 killed as a result of war-related violence.

Casualties have jumped each year in the summer months, when warm weather makes it easier for insurgents to move around the mountainous country and carry out attacks. The three deadliest months of the war for U.S. troops have been in summer: August 2011, 71 deaths; July 2010, 65 deaths; June 2010, 60 deaths. During the winter, the Taliban and other insurgent groups have tended to bed down to wait out the cold.

In the past two years, there has also been a surge of insider attacks in which Afghans have turned their guns on their international counterparts. NATO says that 34 international service members have been killed in such inside attacks so far this year.
The U.S. started drawing down forces from a peak of nearly 103,000 last year and plans to have decreased to 68,000 troops in Afghanistan by October.

Yearly breakdown of U.S. deaths In Afghanistan since start of the war:

2001: 3_2002: 23_2003: 30_2004: 49_2005: 93_2006: 88_2007: 110_2008: 151_2009: 305_2010: 492_2011: 398_2012: 218

Monthly U.S. death tolls In Afghanistan since January 2010:

_August 2012: 25_July 2012: 40_June 2012: 27_May 2012: 39_April 2012: 34_March 2012: 18_February 2012: 10_January 2012: 25_December 2011: 15_November 2011: 17_October 2011: 28_September 2011: 38_August 2011: 71_July 2011: 33_June 2011: 46_May 2011: 34_April 2011: 46_March 2011: 27_February 2011: 19_January 2011: 24_December 2010: 33_November 2010: 53_October 2010: 49_September 2010: 42_August 2010: 55_July 2010: 65_June 2010: 60_May 2010: 34_April 2010: 19_March 2010: 24_February 2010: 28_January 2010: 30


While we are not a fish or cut bait type of organization, we nonetheless have tremendous passion, care, and concern for our troops in uniform.

All of this has been going on for too long and without any proper definition as to why America or any “coalition” needs to be in Afghanistan period.

Our own unscientific survey featuring a person on the street asking the simple question of “Why is the U.S. military involved in Afghanistan,” quite openly brought dismay to many of us as well as a deep sorrow insofar as we could not arrive at one single answer!

Believe it or not the most commonly muttered answer was…”That the U.S. wanted to gain control over the enormous poppy fields and take over their opium trade.”
So why on earth are we over there Mr. President? How about our Speaker of the House, or heck Sen. Harry Reid?

If the reasons are for strategic placement in the Middle East, come out and say it! Americans just like their Israeli counterparts know that there exists an imminent confrontation with Iran. Seriously how many or you bought it to the diplomacy plan discussed by Barack Obama during his 2008 campaign bag of lies?

Diplomacy will not work with another nation when it has already displayed getting its rear kicked by Saddam Hussein and Co. for eight years. Add the new fortified concrete and deeper digging into the earth, with a reported five bombs worth of enriched uranium and your still taking it over?

If it is about strategic placement let us know…I believe the American people would support that, if in definition only. Those who have been lost are on your hands – for doing absolutely nothing! Which of course brings us to our next point in “American History – Learn what not to do.”

Our second point we’ll be discussing is the notion that Politicians Have Self-Interest Too.
These numbers are based on Department of Defense press releases and include only deaths that occurred from incidents in Afghanistan. Data includes military civilian deaths. It does not include deaths of service personnel from other countries in the U.S.-led coalition. Data is current as of Aug. 16, 2012.  (For further reading please see here.)

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