Sold: A Bill of Goods

This is the consensus of the majority of experts regarding the extremely unpopular decision of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. So much in fact that most of those legal pundits, scholars, and experts are referring to the decision as the 4-4-1 decision of course breaking down the liberal side of the Court, the conservative side of the Court, and then the sole decision of Chief Justice Roberts.

Seriously ladies and gentlemen, when in fact, legal experts are still trying to sort out what is going on albeit a tax, penalty, or some kind of fee we, as consumers, are much further away from any kind of “Affordable Health Care Act” otherwise known as Obamacare, then at any other time since the monstrous 3,000 plus page piece of legislation ever made it to the Congressional floors.

Speaking of which and whom, could one ever forget the unthinkable statement made

by the third in command, Speaker Nancy Pelosi prior to ever seeing the actual bill? Whist sitting aloft at the Committee level, Rep. Nancy Pelosi replying to a question from a reporter emphatically with heightened voice says, “Well if you’d allow us to vote so we can actually see the Bill we would be able to tell you and the rest of the American people…what is in it.”

Now predicated upon our earlier article titled, The Manner in Which it was Passed we tried to impress upon our readers what was actually happening during the early days of this debacle of a bill ever passed the Senate on a Reconciliation vote of 51 votes.

We were assured by the President of the United States (POTUS) that there would be “…no new tax!” The president continued that if they were going to try and pass this troublesome bill then the burden would not fall on the shoulders of the shrinking middle class. Information just released from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is that 77 percent of the cost of the new tax falls squarely on the middle class or those making $100,000 or less per year.

What is worse is that the President’s press secretary, Jay Carney, espouses the “Roberts Decision” for the Court as a tax; while the President and assorted advisors refer to it as a very fine penalty.

Yet as tax, or a very fine penalty disguised as a tax, or whatever way the SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts cloaks this ruling to be, it has definitely served as a brand new deterrent.

Actually living in a time where our nation is in debt 16 trillion dollars with no recovery in sight, why the current administration would spend nearly two full years working this health care rubbish by whatever means possible to get it passed, whilst not being level or telling the truth to the American people we find now that additional costs of this bill is 1.7 trillion dollars more.

Please appreciate that the key points for voters this November are by priority the U.S. economy; employment (jobs); recession recovery, and leadership.

And finally for now we believe the most important matter at issue is what the American people want considering this “Obamacare” or Affordable Health Care law. And breaking today…is that 59.5 percent of Americans want it completely thrown out; while 38 percent are noncommittal; and 2.5 percent don’t know.



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