And it will happen..!

We are aware that this is an election year. Moreover, it is a general election year whereby almost all Senate and House seats become available and of course the election for the Office of the President. We are also aware that a lot is at stake regarding promises made, what’s been delivered and the old cliché of “…we need more time to finish what we’ve started…”

Needing more time to finish what we’ve started represents to us not only bad management, bad decision-making skills, and often times having one’s nose simply where it doesn’t belong. When one considers these various factors then above all of it is the rationale as to whether one has worked and in that profession have they been successful. How well was time managed; moreover, how effective and realistic is one’s goals?

As for us the notion has become very obvious that Barack Obama is not the man he was hyped-up to be. Furthermore, having read his press by an extremely liberal and quite biased main-stream media there is always the issue of taking what is stated with a grain of salt – or – actually believing that what has been done is beneficial to all or almost all. We are of the impression that from the beginning of this “Imperial Presidency” that President Obama has created his very own culture of corruption.

We are embarrassed that a person carrying the torch of Americanism has literally bowed down to every other head of state, as well as either undersold or dissented with a lot of what America is all about. Needless to say these actions have been disingenuous, dishonest, and damning.

If only for a moment if you could imagine ground-pounding in a sandstorm of Afghanistan must feel when the latest you’ve heard or watched is about who is going to apologize to whom. We must ask ourselves, if we like so many others are in a combat situation whether or not we’re covered by our President – and then face what that decision might be; simply, that he doesn’t care about you or me.

Admittedly, this unorthodox president needs far more vetting than what was originally done. We make our assessments not of a personal nature; yet rather from a perspective of international onlookers. So how does one defend the activities of mounting an assault team to fly into the sovereignty of another nation to forcefully do what is necessary to kill a person who is on the U.S’s 10 Most Wanted List? This is just one example of bowing to the head of state on one day and then being the long arm of the law and literally invading that same nation’s trust. So now – Pakistan demands an apology…and Barack Obama says Nah, not this time.

Now then…everyone knows that an individual cannot be the President of the United States unless one is born here of at least one American parent. At the time of this writing there are specialists, even some who allege working on false documentation who are willing to testify about a birth certificate of all things. This is very much where insincerity and deceitfulness begin to fill one’s work day rather than the business of that your country’s Immigration and Naturalization policies have been so abused that no one wants to do anything about it.

After admitting openly that “…we have an inactive federal government on matters of immigration…” it may indeed have been more productive to begin meeting with special interest groups that no longer are abiding by the rules, they are far more content on making some of their own. We are stating that rather than even give the appearance of telling special interest what they can or cannot do, the appearance of the opposite is what we see with nothing whatsoever to say.

Anytime that 60 percent or more of Americans feel strongly different about a plan you may have all the confidence in; subsequently, one needs to take several deep breaths and reconsider one’s options.

What we, as Americans have seen, amounts to devious and untruthful means by which one will go to in order to get his way; albeit, the right way or the wrong way. This type of behavior is certainly hypocritical from the notions of transparency and open government we were promised. Therefore, we ask any and all who read this…do you feel as though you have a representative in Washington who is fully for our nation, or is there perhaps someone marching to the beat of a different drummer?

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