A Headline that Says it All…

Last Friday, an editor from the Western Center for Journalism read from a Real Clear Politics article called “Obama’s White Support Is Too Low to Win.” The message of the piece should have been clear enough, but some choose to nuance its message.

Saying Barack Obama doesn’t have enough white support to win doesn’t need a “Yeah but” attached to it, but of course it did. In this case, unfortunately, the “Yeah but” was: “electoral data indicates Mitt Romney has not yet attracted enough of these white voters to capitalize on Obama’s weakness.” Although this line was probably necessary to gain approval from a cautious editor, there isn’t much “there” there. It deliberately overlooks a huge white rhino in Mitt Romney’s campaign war room: of those who intend to pull a lever for Romney, probably more than half will be voting AGAINST Barack Obama, not FOR Mitt Romney.

There are few commenter’s who will say the truth about what is happening on our street corners and “meeting places” online. Nevertheless, what they are ducking is that most people who want to get rid of Obama see Mitt Romney as the name on a commode handle they MUST pull down to flush Obama away and not much more.

Enthusiasm on the Right far outstrips that of the Left. Barack Obama has brought about the return of the “broken glass conservative” – people who would swim through alligators then crawl through broken glass to vote against him. These voters don’t really care whose name is on the Republican line.

Yes, white people will vote against Obama, and yes, the Left will call that racism (although blacks voting 95% for Obama in 2008 were NOT racist?), but none of that means anything. Whites will vote against Obama for the same reasons 20% of blacks very well might vote against him and 40% of Jews will vote against him: because his polices are killing what is left of America, and they don’t like it one bit.

If anyone but Ron Paul had won the Republican nomination, it would likely be the same situation. As the old joke ends, “the dogs don’t like the food.”

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