Democrats went on the offensive Thursday

Democrats went on the offensive Thursday over the contempt proceedings against Attorney General Eric Holder, with the White House calling the campaign a “fishing expedition” and Nancy Pelosi accusing Republicans of targeting Holder because of his department’s crackdown on state voter ID laws.

It has become obvious to ALL of us here at The Thinker that the very people responsible for lessening the standards of moral, ethical, and behavioral standards in this nation are those indeed who are swirling words in a circular motion getting ready for the final flush.

It is time not to let these arrogant and poorly misguided people get to the top of matters. In fact, maybe it would behoove the White House personnel as well as the President, to actually look at what the House Committee’s “fishing expedition” has produced. On the Nancy Pelosi side of the House (pun intended) if anyone we’re to ever investigate her transgressions whilst in office she’d have a huge bill to pay. How huge one might ask? Let’s just take this into consideration:

It was in her congressional district in San Francisco where Code Pink did its worse damage by attacking people who either attempted to go into the Marine Corps Recruiting Center or perhaps on their way out. Code Pink furthermore decided to lobby the city offices to arrange for No Parking signs to be placed around the recruiting center. To this day – other than declaring San Francisco a sanctuary city, using the entire United States Air Force as her own personal air transportation facility – and treating those who worked in the transportation office like rubbish, she is still the person who met behind closed-doors with Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama when Operation Cornhusker (the reckless offer of $300 million for the Representative’s vote during the Obamacare fiasco).

Moreover the philandering didn’t stop there; there will always be the re-Louisiana Purchase which was another bribe offer totaling $100 million for a Representatives vote, and I shall never, ever forget the Maine-line with consorting with the officials there for various and sundry favors in the way of porkulus indentures.

Therefore, does this person even sound creditable? How she has maintained that seat in the House of Representatives for as long as she has is beyond reasonably clear thinking. She’s got a huge mouth and will use it at the discretion of Barack Obama or anyone (Code Pink) that will advance her cause. But c’mon Nance, voter ID laws?

Fishing is a great sport for those given to the beauty of nature and at times even solitude. But don’t think for an instant that it is peace and quiet with a beautiful view that makes fishing so popular. Oh heck no! It is the feel of that which at first cannot be seen nibbling at your bait, and even before its running with your bait…in an instant you snap back that rod and set that hook in its mouth!! That’s when fishing becomes the addiction that it is…it is man v. nature is a true form without the helicopter, AK’s and Uzi’s and call it “sport.”

People love “fishing expeditions” because of the fight one never intends on receiving from Ol’ Moe! We swear there is a 400 pound catfish on every river, lake, tributary, or body of water including the swimming pond in the outback. Now be it understood that every time that Chairman Issa called for documents and actually received some…

And Eric Holder is the most aware person of this fact: Every time the Committee had the opportunity to scour the pages they did receive, the more idiosyncratic the information became and the more lies were told. And Barack…as well as Pelosi, know this! If one found lies, misstatements, email correspondence redacted only to see what was really there in say 5,000 documents, to do a complete job that one was hired to do…wouldn’t you be asking for the additional 140,000 documents? Yet worse is that the Committee sent subpoena after subpoena only to be stalled, issued an Executive Privilege against, and dumb-witted people (Jay Carney?) saying you are playing politics. We think not!

Given the subpoena process, a member of Congress should not have to ask any more than once…that is for the White House Press Secretary who remains clueless…think about it, if the President puts forth his executive privilege and the US Atty General stalls, side steps, what does this teach your children about behavior and the rule of law?

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2 Responses to Democrats went on the offensive Thursday

  1. Sam says:

    Very well said Jon-Paul! The hypocrisy is quite staggering isn’t it? You are correct in saying that Congress should not have to ask more than once. If agendas, egos, and secrets were not getting in the way of the Constitution, different processes, the law, the truth would have been revealed a long time ago. Although the backlash and stonewalling of this investigation would be considered quite normal for those in Washington, I wonder if this investigation is a little different. What secrets lie in those remaining documents? What do they not want us to know? Great post and thank you for all the information you provided.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Brilliant minds thinking alike? I just came from your fredericksonblog and I am so impressed. I believe it was the best spent two hours certainly on this…the longest day of the year! About the following…I wondered how I would get through each day without rushing over and having a read. Not only is it put together magnificently, it is your writing Sam that is so darn good! Running a little behind schedule this evening so I’ll say again, thank you for your kind yet expressive words. Please have a lovely evening and night and remember this: you and yours are always in the prayers of

      jp schilling


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