Quid pro quo…Dreamer’s?

In our wildest imaginations – believe us, we have not even considered it before today. However, let’s say that you are a Dreamer (one who is illegally in the country) and through no fault of your own* have ended up here illegally yet what you are asking for is basic niceties such as paying a discount rate of tuition (or for some not) acceptance of your university of choice, and a means to pay for it.

Now by given a way to pay for higher education does not mean entitlement funding or otherwise – it simply means – having a right to be able to compete in the job market wherever it may lead you say from on campus employment to Microsoft or any type of work that will assist you in living expenses, plus the cost of going to college which as I’m sure you know is not inexpensive.

Believe you me, at one time in our nation’s history the “life expenses” were perhaps your first car and then for most of America it was the proverbial house or home. Appreciating the years that have mysteriously gone by as well as the changes in roles albeit, working in a service industry, or industrial industry, or any of the manufacturing, businesses we now find that America is now listed as a service oriented economy.

This is not to dispel any notions; it simply does not mean fast food, wait staff, restaurant work, or serving any cause. What it does mean is America has evolved into a post Industrial Revolution, post web based or Dot


Com Industries; the kind of service we are alluding to is within the service sector such as Lawyers, Accountants (CPA’s the better) Engineers, Medical personnel, and the like.

At any rate America has transformed herself into a service sector economy which is probably going to impinge on the realities of real life and that first largest expense is not the car, rather the education, which at some institutions is running higher than a lot of real estate indentures. So suffice it to say that higher education may be the largest expense one incurs in a lifetime. Just a word of caution: unless it’s absolutely necessary – try not to meet your future spouse in college!

Okay – so far so good, right? Now let’s start looking at quid pro quo or you scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours; notice the asterisk in the first paragraph*. Sure you came to America through no fault of your own (the next politically correct cliché), so how about allowing the agencies of the US government to get restitution from those who broke the law in the first place?

In other words if it was a family member who committed the crime of you being here in the first place, why not going after the real culprits of the original crime. Or in this case let’s suggest they are Mom and Dad or maybe even your Uncle, Auntie, Lover, Brother, or Sister for that matter. Does it seem fair to you – that because you’re here now and shortly going to become some type of resident, getting financial aid, grants, and for a select few scholarships – because you now live in the rule of law United States, are you prepared to allow your family members to pay restitution for their careless faults?

Dear Senator Marco Rubio:

We feel devastated that the egomaniac Barack Obama decided to run with your proposed legislation to bring a real comprehensive DREAM Act to those who have earned it. We are aware that Obama stole from you; and we sincerely wish that something could be done about this egregious corruption.

Speaking of your forthcoming new legislation for a comprehensive DREAM Act we would like to offer our suggestions with the hopes that they be included.

We believe that those responsible for injecting themselves and their children into what is normal immigration concerns we don’t however think that it is fair to the other populace around the world who have played by the rules and are now waiting for longer periods to be granted visas. Let’s do something for them – that is ethical – not giving away visas, green cards, or diversity rubbish for them to come into the USA.

Furthermore, we would also like to suggest that as part of “no fault of their own” that these individuals who pursue higher education be unable to claim minority status for the cause of Affirmative Action or for any other entitlement they are perhaps receiving now.

Senator Rubio, we ask this from a perspective of quid pro quo whereby we the people of the United States have played nice with those who legitimately have earned their positions; however, for those who have broken our rule of law there must be a punishment. Therefore we ask you to view the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 which specifically spells out some of the punishments for abusing the rule of law in the USA.

Thank you.

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