Is he our Imperial President?

In the hopes of not wanting to offend anyone, there is so much news going on today – and the last year(s) – that we thought we would throw a hodgepodge of items that are most current as well as some that were egregious during their time of release that have sizzled a bit and moved back to a lesser burning hotplate.

One of President Obama’s former Harvard professors is calling for the president’s defeat in November, releasing a scathing video in which he accuses the president of abandoning America’s workers while pushing a policy of “food stamps.” Read more here:

The video by Brazilian scholar and politician Roberto Unger serves as an indictment of both parties. But in it, Unger says Obama must be defeated in order for the Democratic Party to restore itself “as the vehicle for the progressive alternative in the country.”

“President Obama must be defeated in the coming election. He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States,” he said in the eight-minute video, titled “Beyond Obama” and posted to YouTube . Watch here: At YouTube.

Now even for the most self-admiring and arrogant person that rivals the likes of Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin, and Narcissus himself that has got to be a vote of no confidence or at least painful.

President Obama said Friday the United States will stop deporting hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants and give them work permits, a move praised fellow Democrats but criticized by Republicans on Capitol Hill who said the administration has side-stepped the country’s legislative process. Read more here: 

The election-year announcement was met with surprise and question by several GOP lawmakers.

“This is another example of executive overreach,” Florida GOP Rep. Allen West told Fox News.

Obama suggested he ordered the policy change because Capitol Hill Republicans have blocked the so-called DREAM Act, buts said the lawmakers still have time to pass such legislation. Read more: 

“I’ve said this time and again to Congress,” the president said at the Rose Garden press conference. “Send me the DREAM Act, put it on my desk, and I’ll sign it.” Read more:

Now before we go to much further into this quagmire of corruption, finger pointing, and blatant disregard for real life let’s all remember what this person has had to work with. Pardon my antics…it just makes for better reading:

And in this corner… fighting for the elitist left…and wearing crimson trunks [crowd begins to chant; veri-tas, ver-i-tas, VERITAS!] (which means “Truth” ] ladies and gentlemen our newest and only African America Champ_ _ _ President, with the support in numbers of the US House of Representatives AND the US Senate, let me introduce to you….Barack “Love Me” Obama…

Therefore, as anyone can see Mr “Love Me” not only had the executive branch supporting him but also umpteen members of Congress to get what he wanted done; however, there is a fundamental flaw in his decision-making and especially his assessments of the issues. Obama had two plus years to pass his party’s version of the DREAM Act but to the chagrin of too many members of Congress they didn’t like it and subsequently didn’t pass it. The Real Truth.

And it looks as though Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, may want to abandon the sinking ship before running out of boats.

Dear Chairman Issa:
Thank you for your letter on June 15, 2012 and your agreement to meet on Tuesday June 19, 2012. The Dept has offered a serious, good faith proposal to bring this matter to an amicable resolution in the form of a briefing based on documents that the Committee could retain. (Please feel free to read on here.)

We must not forget that Obama may or may not be implicated in whatever the House Committee learns. Nonetheless, the fire inside of the “intelligence leaks scandal is heating up again…

The Supreme Court is getting ready to rule on Obamacare and we are getting a little sideways on that call. Get ready and prepared for a ruling you may be scratching your head over…

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